POSNA Research

Research is critical to the mission of POSNA which is "to improve the care of children with musculoskeletal disorders through education, research, and advocacy." Important ways POSNA fulfills this research mission are through the Scientific Sessions at the POSNA annual meetings, through POSNA grants and awards, and through the POSNA research mentorship program.

POSNA annual meeting Scientific Sessions provide a forum for presenting original research in pediatric orthopaedics. Peer feedback at these meetings and collaboration among investigators at different institutions foster new lines of inquiry and ideas for improving evidence.

POSNA, with the help of foundation partners, supports member research by providing grants and awards each year to leading researchers in the field of pediatric orthopaedics. These grants and awards are available to help offset the cost of educational or research endeavors in pediatric orthopaedics and are open to broad areas of research.

The POSNA mentorship program partners novice and veteran investigators to provide guidance and mentorship in pediatric orthopaedic research in a variety of research types and practice settings.

Current Research Award Winners

Best Basic Science Paper 2023

Like a Lizard: Repair of Perthes Disease Occurs Through Recapitulation of Development of The Proximal Femoral Epiphysis

Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD; Rachel McKee; Courtney Baker, MD; Hernan Correa; Stephanie Moore-Lotridge, PhD

Best ePoster 2023

Non-Operative Treatment of Tibial Tubercle Fractures: Who is at Risk for Failure?

Lauren Spirov; Konstantin Brnjoš; Neil Kaushal, MD; Folorunsho Edobor-Osula, MD; Alexander Griffith; John Blanco, MD; Clare Kehoe; John Schlechter, DO; Evelyn Thomas, DO; Lindsay Crawford, MD; Abhi Rashiwala; Dustin Greenhill, MD; Haley Tornberg; Brendan Williams, MD; Kevin Huang; Neeraj Patel, MD

Best Clinical Paper 2023

A Rapid MRI Protocol for Acute Pediatric Musculoskeletal Infection Eliminates Contrast, Decreases Sedation, Scan and Interpretation Time, Hospital Length of Stay and Charges without Missing Actionable Diagnoses

Kyle Chan; Daniel McBride; Jacob Wild; Jonathan Samet; Romie Gibly, MD
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