Membership of POSNA is available by application. In order to apply for membership using the online system, you will need to log in. If you have attended a POSNA Annual Meeting in the past, contact POSNA to obtain your ID number. If you have not attended a meeting, create a new record here.

Membership Categories & Forms

Click below to determine which membership category fits your qualifications:
Active Membership
Corresponding Membership
Associate Membership
Candidate Active Membership
Candidate Associate Membership
Candidate Corresponding Membership
Adjunct Membership

Application Fee

There is a $50 application fee, payable online using Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

If you cannot pay the application fee by credit card online, a check in US$ can be mailed to the POSNA Office at 9400 West Higgins Road, Suite 500, Rosemont, IL 60018. Once the payment is processed you will be able to log in and submit your application documents.

Membership Dues

Membership applications must be received by December 1. Applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee at the end of December. One (1) month prior to the annual meeting the Membership Committee Chair will forward to the secretary a list of satisfactory applicants. The secretary will distribute the list to the membership prior to the annual meeting. The list of applicants will be presented to the members at the first business meeting of the next annual meeting. New member packets will be distributed after the annual meeting.

Member Dues:
Active Membership: $450
Corresponding Membership: $175
Associate Membership: $300
Candidate Active Membership: $250
Candidate Associate Membership: $250
Candidate Corresponding Membership: $175
Adjunct Membership: $250


Photos should be a digital file head shot, high resolution preferred (300 dpi minimum resolution), and at least 4x6” in size. This photo will be used for the Membership Directory and New Member Board once you become a member.

Sponsor Forms

Sponsors will need to log into the application process using the button below to submit the sponsor form. Sponsor letters are no longer required, however, you may upload a letter of recommendation if you wish to strengthen the application.   Upload Sponsor Form
Sponsors Only

Submit Application

Application forms should be downloaded and saved to your computer. Once the forms are filled out, save them, and attach them during the online application process.

Payment of application fee is required during application submission.

Details of each membership category can be found in the POSNA Bylaws. If you have questions or problems with the online system, please contact the POSNA office.