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Improving GI Bundle Compliance for Pediatric Surgical Spine Patients

Grant Recipient: Julie Samora, MD, PhD

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Presentations & Publications:

Presentations: Seilhamer C, Di Lorenzo C, Holstine J, Samora JB. Improving GI bundle compliance for spine surgery patients. 12th Annual Ohio Hospital Association Quality Summit. Columbus, OH. 2019.

Publications: Submitted to Spine Deformity. Awaiting feedback after 2nd submission.

Further Funding:

Further grant obtained as result of POSNA funding: None

Additional Information:
Project Aim: Increase compliance with the Orthopaedic GI Bundle, in patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery in the Main OR being discharged with opioids from 0% to 75%.

Secondary Aim: Decrease unplanned returns to the ED and decrease Nurse Triage Line Calls due to GI side effects.
Research Findings: Overall compliance with the GI Bundle increased to a mean of 92%.  Compliance with inpatient medication prescribing on POD #1 and POD #2 until discharge showed a centerline near 96% for both components.  Compliance with the post-discharge (at-home) instructions achieved a centerline shift to 100%.

The secondary outcome measure was a reduction in ED visits or readmissions for constipation. Occurrence for ED visits or re-admissions for constipation were reduced from a baseline mean from 1 in every 11 cases to 1 in every 184 cases. Our institution sustained more than 2 years without an ED visit or readmission related to constipation in this patient population after the Bowel Management Plan was in place.