Research Award List

Zimmer Biomet Spine Research Grant

Year Grant Recipient Title
2022 Craig R. Louer Jr., MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), Nashville, TN
Vertebral Remodeling Achieved with Vertebral Body Tethering
2021 Nancy Miller, MD
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Discovering Protein Signatures Within AIS Plasma Using SOMAScan Technology
2020 John Vorhies, MD
Stanford University
Erector Spinae Plane Catheters and Clinical Outcomes after Spinal Fusion
2019 Daniel Hedequist, MD
Boston Children's Hospital
Reliability of the AOSpine Classification System in Children
2018 John Birch, MD
TSRH, Dallas
Determination of the Incidence & Nature of Lumbosacropelvic Deformity in Presumed Idiopathic Scoliosis Using a Novel Technique of MR Sequence & Workstation 3D Reconstruction
2017 Saba Pasha, MD
CHOP, Philadelphia
The Impact of in-Brace Ribcage Asymmetry on Long Term Outcomes
2016 Lori A. Dolan, MD
University of Iowa
To Brace or Not to Brace: Development of an AIS Patient Decision Aid
2015 Stefan Parent, MD
Sainte-Justine Univ. Hospital Centre
Spinal and Vertebral Dimension Charts: Precise and Accurate Characterization for Decision Support
2014 Matthew A Halanski, MD
Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
A New Porcine Model for Pediatric Spinal Deformity
2013 Nicholas M Bernthal, MD
The Regents of the Univ. of California
A Mouse Model of Spinal Implant Infection: A Novel Method to Evaluate Metal Suscepitibility to Infection and Anti-microbial Coatings
2012 Nobuhiro Kamiya, MD
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Significance of BMP Signaling on Bone Healing
2011 Hong Zhang, MD
TX Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
A Provisional Rod Link Reducer Posterior Instrumentation System: A new Concept for Correction of Severe Spinal Disorders
2010 Hai Li, MD, PhD
Xin-Hua Hospital, China
Porosity Gradient Beta-tricalcium Phosphate for Antibiotic and rhBMP-2 Delivery to Treat infected Bone Defect
2009 Eileen Fowler, PhD
UCLA Orthopaedic Hospital
The Relationship Between Selective Voluntary Motor Control and Changes in Gait Kinematics Following Hamstring Lengthening Surgery in Children with Spastic CP