Submission Guidelines

The following outline is to be used as a guideline when submitting content to POSNAcademy for review.

  1. Primary Video Categorization
    • Anatomic disorder
    • Systemic disorder
    • Infection and tumor
    • Spine
    • Sports
    • Trauma
    • Clinical Skills
    • QSV initiatives
  2. Keywords
    • Select 4-6 keywords
  3. Video length
    • Recommended maximum: 10 minutes
  4. Title Slide
    • Title of submission
    • Complete author listing
  5. Relevant Disclosures
    • Commercial support and other relevant conflicts must be disclosed in the beginning of the program.  Submissions that appear as advertising will not be accepted.  A partial list of relevant conflicts includes:
      • Royalties
      • Stock options
      • Consulting income
      • Research, educational, or other support
  6. Off-label use of medications, implants, or devices must be adequately disclosed.
  7. Copyright and licensure concerns
    • Complete the POSNAcademy Perpetual Non Exclusive License (Online Form).
    • Authors are expected to have obtained permissions for non-original drawings, figures, and images and to attest to the origin of original drawings, figures and images ("enduring content" rules).
    • Copyright permissions
      • Attributed in closing credits for video content
      • Attributed with the image for stationary pictures and slides
  8. Patient privacy
    • Authors must have obtained appropriate patient and/or family consent for the use of clinical photos, videos, and/or imaging studies within the submission.
    • No identifying information must be present within the video (name, initials, hospital numbers, etc.).