Contributor Guide

POSNAcademy is the only peer-reviewed video platform dedicated exclusively to Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.


Consider contributing to POSNAcademy by creating a surgical video or narrated Powerpoint on any topic that you are expert in teaching. Don’t worry if you are technically challenged or inexperienced as we’ve created online tools to help makes it easy to produce your own content. 

Suggested Video Types:

  • Surgical techniques
  • Nonoperative treatment methods
  • Clinical skills
  • Quality, safety, and value initiatives
  • Didactic lectures (narrated PowerPoint)


Submission Instructions:

Once you have created new content or already have a video that you would like to submit to POSNAcademy, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit and log on to your account. The member login is found in the upper right corner. Go to “Submit to Publish” and follow the instructions online to upload your video.
  2. Complete the POSNAcademy Perpetual Non Exclusive License Agreement.
  3. The E-Editorial Committee will then review the submission and contact you with recommendations similar to how a peer-reviewed journal responds to written submissions. You can learn more about the editorial process here.
  4. After making any suggested changes and final committee approval, the video will be made available for viewing on POSNAcademy.