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December 2023 Community Night

RCC & RES Webinar Recordings:

2/27/2023 | BY Norman Ward III, MD

5 Quotes from Stoicism to Help You through Residency and Life

Orthopaedic surgery residency can be an intense and challenging time for anyone. The long hours, rigorous training, and high-stake responsibilities can take a toll on even the most resilient individuals. The philosophy of Stoicism, which dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, offers many insights and practical tools that can help you navigate the demands of residency and your life beyond the hospital. In this post, we will explore five Stoic quotes that can help you when tackling obstacles and balancing obligations. As someone who discovered this philosophy during residency, I can personally ascribe to the effects that changes in perspective and adoption of these principles can have on your overall well-being during a trying time in your career.

1/5/2023 | BY John W. Stelzer, MD and Amy Steele, MD

5 Tips for Work-Life “Balance” in Residency

Work-life balance is an increasingly discussed concept, yet challenging to master as an orthopaedic surgeon, let alone a resident in training. The idea of work-life balance is misleading, as work and life should not be in opposition to each other and are rarely in proper balance. Work-life harmony, integration, or management may be better ways to define their relationship correctly. With this in mind, several principles have been helpful in our lives to maximize happiness and minimize burnout throughout residency.

8/30/2022 | BY Sean Waldron, MD

5 Tips for the Medical Student on Pediatric Orthopaedics

It's sub-internship season and a new crop of MS4s are auditioning for residency spots. Each institution and culture are unique, but children’s hospitals and pediatric orthopaedics rotations do have some similarities. Read on for Dr. Sean Waldon’s take on performing well as a medical student assigned to peds ortho.

7/21/2022 | BY Emmanouil “Manos” Grigoriou, MD

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Fellowship Year

The fellowship year is certainly one of the more exciting years in our long medical journey. I loved it so much, I did two! Just one more year of training before the grand milestone of becoming an attending. For most of us it took at least 13 years to get here and that last one goes by fast! With a new class starting their fellowship year I wanted to share with you five tips that can help you make the most out of this special year. 

6/14/2022 | BY Martin J. Morrison, III, MD

5 Tips to Prepare for Treating Pediatric Femur Fractures

When a femur fracture comes in through the ED, it is more often than not “operative”. When it appears on the schedule, the OR staff often only sees “ORIF femur”. With this in mind, there are several factors that will play an important role in optimizing your OR utilization.

6/13/2022 | BY Resident Communications Committee

POSNA Community Night Webinar

Come discuss Pediatric Orthopedics Cases & Careers in a regular interactive webinar hosted by the POSNA Resident Communications Committee (RCC).

5/5/2022 | BY Daniel Miller, MD

5 "Killer Apps" for the Orthopaedic Trainee

Our devices have become essential in preparing for our clinical duties and organizing our lives.  Dr. Dan Miller highlights the most effective apps for orthopaedic trainees—some you’ve heard of and some which will become your new favorites. Watch the video to see them in action! 

2/25/2022 | BY Craig Louer, MD

5 Tips for Nailing a Research Podium Talk

You’ve asked an important question and worked towards a podium-worthy answer. Congratulations! But how to make sure everyone in the room grasps your main points and your research gets recognized? The importance of a crisp and engaging presentation cannot be overstated.

1/20/2022 | BY Sumeet Garg, MD, POSNA Resident Communications Committee

5 Tips for Starting the Job Search

So you're training to be a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and looking ahead to identifying a job. Where do you start looking for posted jobs and how do you find jobs that aren't posted? What personal and career preferences should you consider when choosing candidate positions? For these answers and more, read on!

12/20/2021 | BY Verena M. Schreiber, MD, FAAOS

5 Tips on Getting Research Done as a Resident

Research can be a polarizing topic for most residents. Research certainly has its utility: the ACGME requires residents to participate in scholarly activities and it can set you apart when applying for fellowship and jobs in academia.  Some may inherently love its challenges, while others may be forever frustrated.  As a resident, you often have to get results when experience, knowledge, and free-time are difficult to come by. Here are five tips to help you succeed in research as a resident.

10/28/2021 | BY Chinmay Paranjape, MD; Craig Louer, MD, Robert Esther, MD; Resident Communications Committee

Key Peds Ortho Resources for the OITE

The Orthopedic In-Training Exam (OITE) is quickly approaching! Pediatric Orthopedics makes up ~14% of the test annually. Furthermore, topics considered “testable” are consistent and predictable.

9/27/2021 | BY Joseph L. Yellin, MD

5 Tips to be a Successful Chief Resident

First of all, congratulations on a strong start to your Chief Year! With graduation around the bend, there are many goals and ideals fighting for priority as you bring residency to a close. We hope these 5 tips will help you keep things in perspective and get the most out of your final year of orthopaedic residency.