May 2017

5/17/2017 | BY Todd Ritzman, MD

Neuromuscular Cerebral Palsy

In this post we will review the surgical treatment of scoliosis in children with cerebral palsy. You will find two interesting cases provided by Dr. Todd Ritzman. Decision making for operative treatment of scoliosis in children with cerebral palsy is not always straightforward.

For your review, we have attached an article (Whitaker AT, Sharkey M, Diab M. Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis in Patients with Globally Involved Cerebral Palsy: An Ethical Assessment. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2015;97:782-7) which is a sobering and excellent review of the complexity, inherent risk, and difficult risk-benefit discussion in neuromuscular spine deformity surgery. This article is a ‘must read’ for surgeons who will be embarking on this difficult decision making process with parents / caregivers of patients with GMFCS V cerebral palsy. I hope you enjoy the questions and the article.

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