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Preventing Child Pedestrian Injuries: The Role of the Driver

Grant Recipient: Andrew Howard, MD

Co-Investigators: Linda Rothman, PhD
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Presentations & Publications:
Driver characteristics involved in child and youth pedestrian motor-vehicle collisions (PMVC) – a case control study, Liraz Fridman PhD,Brent Hagel PhD,Andrew Howard MD FRCSC, e-poster, POSNA 2019

PI. PW 0821 The effect of lowering residential speed limits to 30 km/h on child pedestrian injuries in Toronto, Canada.  Safety World Conference 2018. Bangkok, Thailand. Injury Prevention Nov 2018;24:A61

PI. PW 1778 Pedestrian motor-vehicle collision (PMVC) related injuries in children and youth – a case control study.  Safety World Conference 2018. Bangkok, Thailand. Injury Prevention Nov 2018;24:A135
Fridman L, Howard AW, Pitt T, Hagel B.  Driver and road characteristics associated with child pedestrian injuries.  Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2019. 131: 248-253

Pitt T, Aucoin J, Nettel-Aguirre A, McCormack G, Howard A, Graff P, Rowe B, Hagel B.  Adaptation of a Canadian Culpability Scoring Tool to Alberta Police Traffic Collision Report Data. Traffic Injury Prevention. December 2018 20(3) 270-275

Effect of Reducing the Posted Speed Limit to 30 Km per Hour on Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collisions in Toronto, Canada - A quasi experimental, pre-post study, Liraz Fridman, PhD, Rebecca Ling, MPH, Linda Rothman, PhD, Marie Soleil Cloutier, PhD, Colin Macarthur, PhD, Brent Hagela, PhD, Andrew Howard, MD MSc FRCSC (under review, Accident Analysis and Prevention)

Further Funding:

Co-Investigator.   Effect of 30 km/h Speed Limit Reductions on Child Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collisions (PMVCs) in Toronto, Ontario - A quasi experimental pre-post design.  CIHR. Fridman, Liraz.  $135,000 CAD. [Trainee Support] 2019 Sept—2022 Aug

Co-Applicant.  Evaluating Policy Relevant Aspects of Motor Vehicle Safety in Children and Youth.  Alberta Health Services Health Outcomes Improvement Fund II (HOIF II). Hagel, Brent; Hubka, Tate; Howard, Andrew $46,726.58 CAD [Grants]. 2019 Apr – 2021 Mar

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