Research Award Details

2018 - POSNA Micro Grant

Burnout in Pediatric Orthopedics

Grant Recipient: Sarah Sibbel, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Additional Information:
Study Aims: We are interested in utilizing the Maslach Burnout Inventory to characterize burnout in pediatric orthopedic surgeons through POSNA membership.
As a recipient of a 2018 POSNA Micro Grant, the POSNA Research Committee requested a final progress report regarding my study, “Physician Burnout in Pediatric Orthopedics”. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete our objectives within the grant time-period. Here is a summary of the events:

After receiving the micro grant in May 2018, we finalized our IRB approvals, survey format, and emailed Melody Raymond for a survey application in June of 2018. The application was returned to Melody by mid-August 2018. The Evidence Based Practice Committee reviewed our application in early September 2018 and we received approval to send out our survey to POSNA membership. In late September, Dr. Ganley asked for some specific details and gave us a tentative first week of October timeline to send out the first survey. There was a delay in sending the survey after the Wellness Committee Chair, Dr. Talwalkar, noted a similar survey was sent out a few months ago by Dr. Cordelia Carter. We worked with the wellness committee to determine if the efforts are duplicated but we never received this information. I joined the Wellness committee and came to agreement to collectively develop the survey further with Wellness committee members.  We agreed to survey POSNA members at the POSNA 2019 annual meeting. Unfortunately, the incoming leadership did not want to survey burnout and declined the survey to be mentioned or listed at any POSNA meeting events. We were advised by Dr. Talwalkar that late 2019 or 2020 might be an ideal opportunity to send out the survey due to the active funding and approval from Evidence Based Practice Committee.

We hope to eventually send out the MBI survey and present the results within the next 6-9 months. Thank you for funding my project and we continue to look forward to collecting and presenting our results.