Research Awards & Grants

POSNA Research Start-Up Grant

Amount: Up to $10,000
Grants/Year: Up to 3 per year
Duration: 1 year (Proposal budgets should be detailed with this in mind)
Focus: Basic science and clinical research in all areas related to pediatric orthopaedics

A broad range of research areas will be considered for the POSNA Research Start-Up Grant, including patient based studies, clinical and basic science research, clinical studies and multi-center or society wide projects. Innovative pilot projects which have the potential to develop into more substantial projects will be considered for funding. Clinical relevance must be clearly noted in the abstract and specific aims, and be obvious from the title and study design.

Scoring Criteria: The grant application will be evaluated based on the following criteria: significance/impact, relevance to POSNA mission, originality/innovation, scientific quality of the proposed study, investigator(s) track record, feasibility, and potential for future funding. Priority of funding will be given to the projects with innovation, likelihood of successful completion, and the potential for further development and funding in the future. Preliminary data are not necessary but can be included if they are available.
Additional Information:
Eligibility Criteria: Principal Investigator or Co-Pl must be a Candidate member or an Active member of POSNA in good standing. Applicant must be an orthopaedic surgeon who is licensed to practice in the United States or Canada and working at an institution in the United States or Canada. Non-orthopaedic surgeon MDs, PhDs, or DVMs are eligible to apply if affiliated with an orthopaedic department and working with an orthopaedic surgeon/POSNA member who is the Co-PI.
Application Status: Closed