Research Awards & Grants

Clinical Trial Planning Grant

Amount: Up to $30,000 total
Grants/Year: 1
Duration: 1-2 years (Proposal budgets should be detailed with this in mind).
Focus: The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for development of high quality clinical trials (single or multicenter) including spine related topics.

Significant planning is necessary to bring investigators together to design an effective clinical trial and finalize the protocol. This grant is designed to provide seed funding for investigators to organize and develop high-quality clinical trials. It is expected that this grant will be used to produce a competitive multi-center proposal for submission to larger agencies/funders for future research.

Scoring Criteria: The grant application will be evaluated based on the following criteria: significance, impact, relevance to POSNA mission, originality/innovation, scientific quality of the proposed study, investigator(s) track record, feasibility, and potential for future funding. Applicants may apply for both the Clinical Trials Planning Grant and one of the POSNA Awards (Angela S.M. Kuo Memorial, Arthur H. Huene Memorial or St. Giles Young Investigator) but must complete the grant application, check the box for the award they qualify for, and submit any other items required for that specific award.
Additional Information: Acceptable funding elements include: Teleconferencing/Meetings (with the collaborating team of investigators to develop the research protocol, study design, outcome measures, recruitment, analysis, etc.), Methodologic/Statistical support or consultation, Validation of outcome measures for multi center trials. Funds are not intended for: Institutional indirect costs, purchase of personal computers or equipment and stipends or fees for students or post-doctoral fellows.
Eligibility Criteria: Principal Investigator or Co-PI must be a Candidate or Active member of POSNA in good standing. Applicant must be an orthopaedic surgeon who is licensed to practice in the United States or Canada and working at an institution in the U.S. or Canada. Non ortho-paedic surgeon MDs, PhDs, or DVMs are eligible to apply if affiliated with an orthopaedic department and working with an orthopaedic surgeon/POSNA member who is the CO-PI.
Application Status: Closed