Research Awards & Grants


Amount: Spine-focused projects up to $25,000 and general QSV projects up to $10,000
Grants/Year: 1-3 *amount may vary
Duration: 1 year
Focus: The goal of this grant is to encourage members in developing and implementing quality and patient safety programming at their own institutions and/or among their colleagues. All POSNA members are eligible to apply for the POSNA grant. Projects will be scored based on impact and feasibility.

Complete Applications Include:

  1. Abstract: succinctly describe every major aspect of the grant: what, why, and how (Performance measure, Patient Safety, CPG, AUC, etc.).
  2. Specific Aims: What are you doing?
  3. Background and Significance: Why are you doing this?
  4. Preliminary Studies and Results: What you have already done and how did you do it?
  5. Research Design and Methods: How you plan to do the research, why you are doing it this way, when and where you are doing it, how you will analyze the data?
  6. Budget Justification: personnel, equipment, software, travel costs, etc.

Scoring Criteria:
  • Applicants must be POSNA member in good standing.
  • Proposed projects should be limited to quality and patient safety initiatives and related advocacy, such as performance measures, patient safety checklists, appropriate use criteria, clinical practice guidelines, and any derivatives.
  • The suggested project must fit within an area of importance to the membership of POSNA
  • If awarded financial support, the applicant must provide written progress reports, biannually, and a final report upon conclusion of the project.
* Please review the Score-Criteria.pdf
Additional Information:
Questions: You can contact the POSNA office at (630)478-0480 or email Natalia Eicker at
Eligibility Criteria: POSNA Members in good standing
Application Status: Closed
Application Deadline: 3/6/2023 12:00:00 AM
Download Application: Procedures Application