Research Awards & Grants

POSNA Micro Grant

Amount: $1,000 maximum per grant
Grants/Year: 20 per year
Duration: 1 year
Focus: Some suggestions for types of projects that could be funded are:
  • Support a resident or student to do research or travel on a medical mission. 
  • Projects from smaller institutions that don’t get larger POSNA grants 
  • Nontraditional grants not necessarily for research- educational ideas, advocacy, QSVI. 
  • Outside the box ideas: Start-up funding for creative research project, pilot research project, proof of concept research to generate power analysis, statistical assistance for a research project, supplies to explore a new idea, assistance with creating an educational video for POSNAcademy, or other development of a creative idea. 
  • Travel and Research for a History Project 
Use of Funds: Funds for Micro Grants cannot be used for indirect costs for faculty, salary, administrative or overhead expenses. 

The objective of the POSNA Micro Grant Program is to advance musculoskeletal care for children and adolescents through education, research, quality, safety and value initiatives, advocacy, and global outreach to children in underserved areas.

The micro grant program is dedicated to promoting the diversity of its membership and to encourage members who do not typically receive major POSNA research awards to advance their creative ideas. 

Scoring Criteria: Grants are for $1,000 or less, are a one-time award, and are awarded twice a year using OREF selection criteria by the Research Grants Selection Committee. 
Additional Information: Applications will be accepted twice a year, with the deadlines to be set each year. View the 2023 timeline below:
  • Spring cycle announcement – January 2024 
  • Deadline for applications – March 1, 2024
  • Announcement of selections – April 2024 
  • Fall cycle announcement – August 2024 
  • Deadline for applications – September 2024 
  • Announcement of selections – October 2024
The project should have at least one major outcome measure of success identified at the start of the project and addressed at the completion. POSNA will track success of each project, based on acceptance for publication, further grant support, or other outcome measure identified in the project report.

Emails should be sent to:
Eligibility Criteria: All dues paying POSNA members in good standing are eligible for a micro grant. Although a micro grant may have several POSNA members associated with the project, each project is required to have one principle investigator/project leader who is a POSNA member in good standing.

Micro Grant recipients in the previous cycle (6 months prior to current grant cycle) are not eligible for current grant cycle. Each investigator is limited to two (2) grant proposal submissions per cycle but only (1) grant will be awarded. Microgrants should not be used to fund POSNA committee activities. 
Application Status: Open
Application Opens: 1/29/2024 12:00:00 AM
Application Deadline: 3/8/2024 12:00:00 AM
Download Application: Procedures Application