POSNA Safe Surgery Program (PSSP)

2021 PSSP Demonstration Project

Kevin Shea, Michael Vitale, Andrea Bauer, Jennifer Beck, Nicholas Fletcher, Grant Hogue, Selina Poon, Ishaan, Matt Oetgen, Julie Samora, Robert Cho, Kali Tileston, Josh Abzug, POSNA BOD, POSNA QSVI Past, Current Committee Members.


After over 2 years of development work, the POSNA Safe Surgery Program will enter a 2-year Demonstration Period. Metrics have been developed for Spine, Hip/LE, Sports, Trauma, Hand/UE.  The program will be available to POSNA BOD Members, QSVI Committee Chairs, and select POSNA Members to participate in the PSSP Demonstration. 


The program does not seek to rank individual centers with respect to other centers – the logistical, operational, and statistical obstacles to this ranking approach are significant. Furthermore, we do not believe that formal program ranking is the optimal way to drive quality and performance improvement amongst POSNA Member Surgeons and affiliated health systems. Quarterly Progress Reports will be provided to the BOD.