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Biopsies, Pathological Fractures and Unplanned Resections - All a Pediatric Orthopedist Needs to Know


July 11

Chair: Cecilia Belzarena, MD, MPH 
Faculty: Cecilia Belzarena MD, MPH, MBA-C; David Joyce MD

Description: This webinar focuses on oncology orthopaedics, aimed at pediatric orthopaedists. Created to learn the tools not to commit an unplanned resection (when you operate on a malignant lesion without realizing it), what to do when a patient arrives with a pathological fracture, how can we tell if it is a pathological fracture and which ones are the concerning ones that require further studying and a different approach (for ex., unicameral bone cyst versus osteosarcoma), and last but not least, go over some red flags that can be missed about certain bone lesions. Failing to recognize one is in front of those situations can oftentimes lead to a potentially incorrect procedure that could ultimately condition the final treatment, this is why it is so important to know those things. Oncology orthopedists learn strategies to avoid getting into those problems, so the goal would be to share those strategies in an easy straight forward way with a content adapted to the most common scenarios a pediatric orthopedist can encounter. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate which lesions in the pediatric population require a biopsy, a referral to an oncology orthopaedist or observation. 
  2. Learn the basic principles of pathological fractures' initial management in pediatric patients. 
  3. Learn oncology orthopaedics' concepts to avoid unplanned resections in pediatric patients.