POSNA Archives @ TSRH

POSNA ArchiveWhat is an ‘archive’?

An archive is a historical collection. This specific collection documents the creation of POSNA, but it also houses items related to the treatment methods used in pediatric orthopaedics throughout history and original research. The archive includes a climate controlled storeroom which is secure and a separate display area which is open to visitors.

 This display area is used to highlight interesting and educational items from the collection. Past exhibits, generally updated annually, have covered the historical treatment of scoliosis, external fixators, and donations by various pediatric orthopaedic surgeons.

 The collection is maintained through funding by POSNA and the help of a part-time archivist, the medical librarian, and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children's Media Department.

What does the archive aim to collect?

Donations of rare medical devices located specifically to the orthopaedic treatment of children, original research in to the field, documents related to the formation and history of POSNA and its annual meetings. We do not maintain any previously published material as the goal of the archive is to provide unique and rare items for research and education.

 We welcome researchers and are always on the lookout to expand our collection.  

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Why is this exhibit at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children?

Dallas is in the central part of the US, and has major airline support, so it is a convenient location. The hospital has generously allowed POSNA to use dedicated climate controlled space in the hospital. The Brandon Carrell, M.D., Medical Library at TSRHC includes a number of relevant rare books and items in its Historical Collection to enhance the exhibits. Additionally, the hospital has provided technical and media department support for the Archive.