Pediatric Orthopaedic Society

Started in 1971 by a small group of specialized orthopaedists, the society was initially very restrictive in order that the discussion of problems would be at a high level by people with a great deal of experience. It was recognized that many orthopedic surgeons who had made significant contributions to pediatric orthopedics did not necessarily limit their practice exclusively to children, however, the feeling was that membership should be based upon demonstrated interest and contributions made to the clinical management, teaching, or research in pediatric orthopedics. Although never written, there was a policy that there would only be one member from each of the well-known pediatric orthopedic institutions. This policy was a major impetus to the later establishment of the Pediatric Orthopedic Study Group since there would be little likelihood of membership for orthopedists first assistant positions at that time. The society would later merge with the POSG and eventually form the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America.

Charter Members (1971)

Charter Members (1971)

Anthony J. Bianco, Jr., MD

Sherman S. Coleman, MD

Burr H. Curtis, MD

William T. Green, MD

Paul P. Griffin, MD

Wood W. Lovell, MD

G. Dean MacEwen, MD

Douglas W. McKay, MD

Charles T. Ryder, MD

Robert L. Samilson, MD

Frank H. Stelling, III, MD

Mihran O. Tachdjian, MD

POS Officers (1970-1984)


1970 William T. Green

1971 Burr H. Curtis

1972 G. Dean MacEwen

1973 Frank H. Stelling, III

1974 Wood W. Lovell

1975 Alvin J. Ingram

1976 Mihran O. Tachdjian

1977 Paul P. Griffin

1978 Sherman S. Coleman

1980 John E. Hall

1981 Douglas W. McKay

1982 Anthony J. Bianco, Jr.

1983 Eugene E. Bleck


1971 Douglas W. McKay

1974 Robert B. Winter

1978 Hugh G. Watts


1971 Paul P. Griffin

1974 Wilber G. Westin

1978 David H. Sutherland

1981 Hamlet A. Peterson

Executive Board “At Large” Members

1971 Robert L. Samilson, Frank Stelling

1972 Wood W. Lovell, Robert L. Samilson

1973 Anthony J. Bianco, Jr., Wood W. Lovell

1974 Albert B. Ferguson, Jr., Anthony J. Bianco, Jr.

1975 John C. Wilson, Albert B. Ferguson, Jr.

1976 Seymour Zimbler, John C. Wilson

1977 Henry R. Cowell, MD, Seymour Zimbler, MD

1978 Lynn T. Staheli, MD, Henry R. Cowell, MD

1979 Robert N. Hensinger, MD, Lynn T. Staheli, MD

1980 Mervyn R. Letts, MD, Robert N. Hensinger, MD

1981-82 Marc A. Asher, MD, Mervyn R. Letts, MD

1983 – 1984


John Roberts, MD


Hugh G. Watts, MD


Kaye E. Wilkins, MD


Hamlet Peterson, MD

Past Presidents 

Eugene E. Bleck, MD

E. William Schmitt, MD

At-Large Members 

Newton McCollough, III, MD

Colin F. Moseley, MD