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Female Initiative: Evaluation and Rehabilitation Care Excellence

Grant Recipient: Corinna Franklin, MD

Shriners Hospital of Philadelphia
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FIERCE in Schools
Corinna Franklin, MD
The goal of this project was to create a mobile girls’ sports educational program. One of the mainstays of the programs is demonstration of proper form and technique. To that end, we have an iPad with Dartfish (a motion analysis program) so that we can demonstrate and analyze correct form while jumping, cutting, and other maneuvers in an interactive way. We also have cones so that our PTs can instruct in the PEP program ( We also produced a video on how to squat correctly, which is here:
In addition, we have nutritional tools to demonstrate the amount of caffeine and sugar in many popular drinks, to be used as part of our nutritionist’s presentation on proper sports nutrition, and foam rollers and sticks so that our PTs can demonstrate how to roll and stretch correctly.

We compiled a large list of questions to use for before and after the session so that we can gauge what the participants learned. The sessions would be conducted by me, a physiatrist, a nutritionist, PTs, and PAs. We are able to tailor these to the needs/desires of each group (eg, more on the ACL for soccer players, more on nutrition and stress fractures for runners or dancers).
We had a series of educational events planned but due to COVID these were all canceled, so unfortunately we have yet to try out our full mobile FIERCE program at this time. We are looking for opportunities for the fall season if sports are able to resume, which remains in question. We are able to do the whole program outside, which should make things easier. Once we have the results of the first sessions, we will adjust the educational content as needed.