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Utilize the Diversity POSNA Members From 13 Participating Centers in the CHOISSE Project to Develop Low Cost Quality Preoperative 3-Minute Educational Videos for Viewing by OR Team Members Before Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) Surgical Cases

Grant Recipient: John T. Anderson, MD

Children's Mercy Hospital
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The goal of my project was to create educational presentations for surgical nurses and circulators involved in common pediatric orthopaedic cases in order to improve efficiency and safety. We started with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis as it is a fairly standardized procedure at our hospital. The surgical scrub nurses and circulators were asked to review the presentation and provide feedback. Overall, they all felt that the presentation was helpful.

Positive comments:
  1. The visuals and videos were especially helpful throughout the presentation and provided a great overview of what to expect during a spine procedure.
  2. The knowledge-base level you spoke at was clear enough to where if I had never been in a spine case I would have a good foundation as far as the flow of things.
  3. The breakdown of how the set up should look, especially for those that are not in spines often.
  4. Very informative.
  5. I think this will help other nurses to be proactive in cases rather than reactive.
Negative comments:
  1. I may have missed this - but I think including information about potential blood loss and reminding the circulators to confirm blood is available (or "in the OR fridge") prior to start of the procedure could be helpful! Also, it was mentioned that it is helpful if the circulators have the radiology images pulled up - I think including which views are preferred could help circulators new to the service!
  2. More detail of the circulator's duties would be more helpful. If this is more of an overview, we might want to rename it....
  3. I am unable to view any videos, so I cannot speak to those, but the rest looks ok.
  4. As far as things that could be better, I would just say the power point format in general, for me anyways it becomes less interesting the more I have to click and wait, but content wise it was great!
Based on the feedback I received, changes were made to the presentation. The presentation was converted to a running slide show with commentary, thus eliminating the need to click videos.
Future plans involve making additional presentations. The next project will involve periacetabular osteotomies.