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Evaluating the Role of Patellar Realignment in Patients with CP

Grant Recipient: Joshua Hyman, MD

Columbia Univ. Div. of Orthopaedics, New York
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Conclusions: In this series of adults with CP who underwent a novel surgery to address anterior knee pain, GMFCS was stable or improved and pain scores were better than peers with CP at mid-term follow-up. Further investigation should include evaluation of post-operative radiographic outcomes, long-term stability of GMFCS, and serial PROMIS re-evaluations.


Results: Six patients met inclusion criteria (3 males and 3 females; mean age 33.5 ± 9.7 years). Imaging demonstrated patella alta, trochlear dysplasia, and/or increased tubercle-trochlear groove distance. Two patients had a decrease in GMFCS prior to surgery that improved post-operatively. There were two complications requiring re-operation. Postoperatively, all pain scores were lower than normative reference values except for two scores.