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Correlation of Collagen X Biomarker with Peak Height Velocity and Radiographic Measures In Pts with IS

Grant Recipient: Michelle Welborn, MD

Co-Investigators: William Horton, MD
Shriners Hospital for Children, Portland, OR
Presentations & Publications:
Presentations:  To be submitted POSNA Annual Meeting 2019, Submitted ICEOS 2018
Publications:  None pending
Further Funding:

Applied for Shrine Grant 2018 for multicenter study funding

Additional Information:

We used that money to get pilot data looking at the correlation between a collagen x biomarker and the anthropometric and radiographic measures of growth.  We found that the biomarker statistically correlated to every measure.  We used this data to apply for a Shrine grant in May of 2018. The goal was to follow these patients throughout their entire growth peak growth and to expand the study to include more patients. We found out in November that we had been funded for four years at four centers for a total of $659,000.00.  We recently had our PI meeting and all four sites have submitted their IRBs, we are hoping to begin data collection at the other sites starting next month.