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Genetic Determinants of Peak Bone Mass in Males: A Genome-Wide Search

Grant Recipient: Laura Tosi, MD

Co-Investigators: Joseph M. Devaney, PhD
Children's Research Institute, Washington, DC
Presentations & Publications:
Further Funding:
1. 2013 Dairy Research Institute: A systems biology analysis of the impact of dairy and calcium intake on Type 2 Diabetes associated phenotypes Role PI $92,007 2. 2014 Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society/Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundationy/Depuy Research Grant in Women’s Muscuosleletal Health ” Genetic Determinants of Peak Bone Mass in Healthy Young Adult Women”. Role PI $25,000 3. 2010 NIH R-13 Conference Grant 10th Scientific Meeting of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation: Improving Musculoskeletal Outcomes for Individuals with OI Role PI $25,000 4. 2011 George Washington University Medical Center Facilitating Fund “Beyond Brittle Bones: The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Adult Natural History Initiative”. Role PI $14,600. 5. 2012 NIH R-13 Conference Grant 12th Scientific Meeting of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation “Assessing the Impact of Osteogenesis Imperfecta on Nonskeletal Systems” Role PI $25,000 6. 2014 NI R-13 Conference Grant AAOS/CORR/ORS/CMH-UCD Musculoskeletal Sex Differences Throughout the Lifespan Research Symposium to be held July 31 - August 1 2014 Role PI $15,000.
Additional Information:
Our data analysis from the POSNA grant was hindered by our inability to apply ancestral informative markers (AIM's) to our results and thus we had no confidence in our findings.  Learning from that experience (and, frankly, thanks to newer and cheaper technologies) we are now applying AIM's to our  latest work....and will know in a few weeks if we have overcome our earlier problems.