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The Effects of Perthes' Disease on Hip Cartilage

Grant Recipient: Kishore Mulpuri, MD

Co-Investigators: David R Wilson, PhD
British Columbia Childrens Hospital, Vancouver
Presentations & Publications:
Presentations: 1. AG d'Entremont, K Mulpuri, Advanced MRI Measures of the Hip Joint in Perthes' Disease, Developmental Neurosciences and Child Health Research Day, Child and Family Research Institute, Vancouver, 2013. 2. AG d'Entremont, Advanced Imaging Research in Orthopedic Surgery at BC Children's Hospital, Office of Pediatric Surgical Evaluation and Innovation Rounds, Vancouver, 2014 3. A Cooper, J Doucette, The Oblique Plane Deformity in SCFE: Which Slips are Too Severe to Pin? Office of Pediatric Surgical Evaluation and Innovation Rounds, Vancouver, 2014 4. P Larouche, Osteochondritis dissecans: Innovative Imaging Modality, Office of Pediatric Surgical Evaluation and Innovation Rounds, Vancouver, 2014 5. A Cooper, Which Slips Are Too Severe To Pin? A Geometrical Modeling Study In Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, UBC Ortho Research Day, Vancouver, 2014 6. P Larouche, Osteochondritis Dissecans In Weightbearing: An Innovative Imaging Modality, UBC Ortho Research Day, Vancouver, 2014 7. We are in the process of submitting an abstract to AAOS of related work, and plan to have abstracts for the POSNA annual meeting submission Publications: Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Hip Impingement in Children. Submitted to CORR May 2014.
Further Funding:
1. AG d'Entremont, Engineers in Scrubs Postdoctoral Fellowship, Perthes Cartilage Mapping and Shape Modelling $40,000 2. AG d'Entremont, P Larouche, K Mulpuri, Rare Disease Foundation Microgrant, Weight-bearing MRI for Evaluation of Osteochondritis Dissecans: A Pilot Study, $ 3000. 3. AG d'Entremont, A Cooper, K Mulpuri, D Wilson, Rare Disease Foundation Microgrant, Effect of Femoral Epiphysis Position and Pin Location on Impingement in SCFE: A Geometrical Modelling Study, $3000. 4. CE Jones, Engineers in Scrubs URSA, Perthes Shape Modelling $3000 5. We have applied for 150000 dollar capacity building award for paediatric orthopaedic imaging research. We have also applied for few other grants; I will keep you informed about our progress.
Additional Information:
The paediatric orthopaedic imaging research program at BC Children's Hospital has advanced measurably following the POSNA research grant. Due to additional risks related to contrast administration for dGEMRIC imaging published following our application, we have been working to develop alternative methods for cartilage imaging in the Perthes hip, along with international collaborators. In addition, further research projects are underway in Perthes, SCFE, and OCD. The methods we are developing at our site will be utilized for further research in these and other conditions. We currently have a Post doc, 2 fellows, one master's student and 2 co-op students working on these research projects. I want to sincerely thank POSNA and Dr. Ken Kuo for making this possible.