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Oriented Cell Division as a Driving Force for Cell movement into the Nascent Limb Bud

Grant Recipient: Sevan Hopyan, MD

Hospital for Sick Childrens, Toronto
Presentations & Publications:
Presentations: 1. Ectodermal Cell Rearrangements Contribute to Early Limb Bud Outgrowth, Cold Spring Harbor, 2012. 2. Oriented Cell Movement and Division Underlies Early Limb Bud Formation, Canadian Society for Developmental Biology, Mt. Tremblant, 2010. 3. Oriented Cell Behaviours Underlie Early Limb Bud Morphogenesis, 11th International Conference on Limb Development and Regeneration, Williamstown, VA, USA, 2010. 4. Cell and Tissue Mechanisms of Limb Budding. POSNA, Boston, 2009. Publications: 1. “Oriented Cell Motility and Division Underlie Early Limb Bud Morphogenesis.” Laurie A. Wyngaarden, Kevin M. Vogeli, Brian G. Ciruna, Mathew Wells, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis and Sevan Hopyan; Development ePress online publication date 16 June 2010; Development 137, 0000-0000 (2010) doi:10.1242/dev.046987. © 2010. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd. 2. Lau K, Tao H, Liu H, Wen J, Sturgeon K, Sorfazlian N, Wong MD, Lazic S, Li D, Deimling S, Scott I, Simmons C, Henkelman RM, Williams T, Hadjantonakis K, Fernandez-Gonzalez R, Sun Y, Hopyan S. Anisotropic Stress Orients Remodelling of Mammalian Ectoderm. Nature Cell Biology in review. 3. Hopyan S, Sharpe J, Yang Y. Budding behaviours: Growth of the Limb as a Model of Morphogenesis. Developmental Dynamics 240 (5):1054-62 (2011).
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