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Grant Recipient: Frederic Shapiro, MD

Children's Hospital of Boston
Presentations & Publications:
Book: Shapiro, Fredrick, “Pediatric Orthopedic Deformities: Basic Science, Diagnosis, and Treatment, 2001, Academic Press.
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Additional Information:
Multiple publications in orthopedic and basic science journals have continued since the award. The piglet model of avascular necrosis (which reproduces Legg-Perthes disease) is now being used in our laboratory for treatment investigations. The Huene Award in 1993 helped to fund early studies on the normal development and blood supply of the femoral head, acetabulum and hip joint in the piglet correlating magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, pathoanatomic and histology assessments. Early papers helped greatly in subsequently obtaining NIH grants. Studies were extended to the piglet femoral head ischemia model inducing femoral head and secondary acetabular deformation and altered repair similar to that seen in Legg-Perthes disease. Investigations over the 20 years following the Huene award led to 11 specific full papers in major orthopaedic and radiology journals (and an equal number of formal meeting presentations/abstracts) assessing the piglet and human hip in relation to: use of gadolinium-enhanced MR imaging, diffusion and perfusion MR imaging, 3-D CT imaging of the development of deformity, assessment of femoral head ischemia by MR imaging with abduction hip positioning in piglets and in infants undergoing treatment for DDH, and age related structural and vascular changes in the developing piglet fetal and postnatal hip. Work with the piglet ischemia model now centers on treatment modalities.