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Physical and Emotional Health of Adults and Children with Achondroplasia

Grant Recipient: Michael J Goldberg, MD

Presentations & Publications:
Presentations: 1. Goldberg, MJ,  NN Mahomed,  Functional Health Status of Teens with Achondroplasia.  POSNA Annual Meeting, Cleveland Ohio 1998 2. Goldberg, MJ Functional Health Status in Adults with Chondrodysplasia. Workshop on Human Chondrodysplasia Shriners Hospitals/University of Oregon Health Science Center, Portland Oregon 1999 3. Goldberg, MJ Achondroplasia: From Molecular Biology to Quality of Life. Invited Visiting Professor, University of Padova; Padua Italy 2001 Publications: 1. Mahomed, N.N., Spellman, M., GOLDBERG, M.J. "Functional Health Status of Adults with Achondroplasia". Am. J. Medical Genetics 78: 30-35, 1998
Further Funding:
IRB Approved Skeletal Dysplasia Registry that follows Functional Health and Quality of Life of all dysplasia patients at Seattle Childrens Hospital.  Seattle WA,  Funded by Hospital Research Funds. 2005 to present.
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