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Spinal and Vertebral Dimension Charts: Precise and Accurate Characterization for Decision Support

Grant Recipient: Stefan Parent, MD

Co-Investigators: Marie Beausejour, Ron El-Hawary, MD
Sainte-Justine Univ. Hospital Centre
Presentations & Publications:
  1. Beauséjour M, Thibeault F, Dallaire P, El-Hawary R, Sanders J, Yaszay B, Akbarnia B, Roy-Beaudry M, Tohmé P, Tremblay L, Parent S. Reference values and centiles curves for 3D spine length in healthy children. Submitted for 2018 POSNA Meeting.
  2. Beauséjour M, Labelle H, Parent S, Roy-Beaudry M, Tremblay L, Tohmé P. Spinal Growth in Normal Children between 3 and 11 Years Old Using 3D Reconstruction: a Longitudinal Study. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual conference, San Diego, United States, March 2017.
  3. Tremblay L, Tohmé P, Roy-Beaudry M, Beauséjour M, Labelle H, Parent S. Spinal growth in normal children between 3 and 11 years old using 3D reconstruction: A longitudinal study. Scoliosis Research Society, Minneapolis, États-Unis, septembre 2015. (This presentation received the Louis A. Goldstein Award – Best e-poster)
  4. Tohmé P., Tremblay L., Roy-Beaudry M., Beauséjour M., Labelle H., Parent S. Spinal Growth In Normal Children Between 3 And 11 Years Old Using 3D Reconstruction: A Longitudinal Study. International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and Growing Spine, Varsovie, Pologne, novembre 2014.
Publications: Research will be presented at POSNA meeting before being submitted for consideration for publication. Two papers are in preparation: “Reference values for spinal dimension in healthy children” to be submitted to Spine and “Centile curves for spinal 3D indices in healthy children” to be submitted to JAMA Pediatrics.
Further Funding:
An application was submitted to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research but did not receive funding yet.  Future steps of this project include the resubmission of this application in order to get funding in support for studying the 3D geometry of the spine from multi-modal imaging techniques in young healthy children in a prospective follow-up study. 
Additional Information:
Training: We have trained 3 summer medical students in support to this study. We also benefited from the collaboration of a postdoc fellow to validate development in R for centile modeling.