Physician Wellness

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POSNA Wellness Charter

POSNA Wellness Initiative

POSNA recognizes the vital importance of physician/practitioner wellness among its membership and as a foundational principle for workplace culture. Developing and sustaining a career in pediatric orthopaedics is rigorous and demanding. Practitioners are at risk for depression and burnout and we need strategies to combat this.

POSNA has adopted a Wellness Charter committed to helping

  1.  The individual: POSNA will make improving theoverall health and wellness of its members a strategicgoal and adopt metrics to monitor progress.

  2. The unit or clinical care team: POSNA will develop acommunity of caregivers committed to providing compassionate collaborative care of the highest quality fortheir patients, and empathetic concern for each other.

  3. Organizational (Society) leadership: POSNA will provide knowledge, tools, and skills to empower its members to be agents of culture change in their own health care organizations.


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