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Skeletal Maturity & Growth Relative to the Peak Height Velocity

Grant Recipient: James O Sanders, MD

Co-Investigators: Daniel R Cooperman, MD
Univ. of Rochester & CWRU, New York
Presentations & Publications:
The Huene Award is being used to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between radiographic skeletal maturation and growth. Todd collected serial radiographs and anthropometrics of children going through their growth spurt from upper middle class Cleveland children starting in 1929 and going through the mid 1940’s. This collection formed the basis for the standard Greulich and Pyle atlas. To date, all films of those subjects followed through their adolescent growth spurt have been digitized, and the anthropometrics entered into a database. Currently, Dr. Sanders in conjunction with Drs. Daniel Cooperman and Sarah Hans and several volunteers, are analyzing the radiographs relative to growth. Presentations: 1. Determination of Peak Growth Acceleration from Ossification of the Calcaneal Apophysis, Paper presented at the POSNA 2014 Annual Meeting, Daniel Cooperman, MD; Allen Nicholson; Raymond W. Liu, MD; James O. Sanders, MD 2. When Does Growth Stop? Results of a Longitudinal Study Comparing Menarche and Skeletal Maturation of the Pelvis, Hand and Elbow to Growth Completion, E-poster presented the 2014 POSNA Annual Meeting, Sanders JO, Dang DYD, Qiu X, Menendez ME, Cook PC, Cooperman DR. Also, submitted to the SRS and is nominated for the Moe Award.
Further Funding:
Future publications and additional funding is anticipated.
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