POSNA Annual Meeting

5/1/1995 12:00:00 AM — 5/4/1995 12:00:00 AM
Miami, FL
Chair Person:
Charles E Johnston, III, MD

1995 Recognition Awards

Best Clinical Paper

Lee Segal, MD, Danielle Boal, MD, Laura Borthwick, Edwards P. Schwentker; MD, EA, Mary Williams Clark, MD

Avascular Necrosis Following Treatment of DDH: The Protective Influence of the Ossific Nucleus

Best Scientific Paper

Stephen J. Stricker; MD, Philip R. Lozman, MD, Annalena Makowski, HTL, Zeenat Gunja-Smith, Ph.D

Condroprotective Effect of Betamethasone in Lapine pyogenic Arthritis

Distinguished Achievement Award

G. Dean MacEwen, M.D

For the many significant contributions to the literature of pediatric orthopaedics in its widest scope; for directing a multitude of young surgeons to pursue a career in the specialty of pediatric orthopaedics both by direct encouragement and by his example as an outstanding role model; and for his broad vision of orthopaedics whereby he has spent countless days traveling the world to teach the principles of pediatric orthopaedics.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Sherman S. Coleman, M.D.

For influencing many to enter the field of Pediatric Orthopaedics and continue his tradition of enthusiasm, dedication to patient care, and advancement of pediatric orthopaedics science.

Presidential Guest Speaker

Mercer Rang, MD