Traveling Fellowship

POSNA sponsors an annual traveling fellowship in conjunction with other international pediatric orthopedic alliance societies (EPOS, SLAOTI, and APPOS). Each year 3 POSNA members will travel abroad and 3 members of an alliance society will tour in North America. Participants visit and learn new techniques and exchange ideas while deepening POSNA's international connection. 

2018 Traveling Fellows

POSNA members who traveled to Europe through EPOS:

Aristides Cruz, MD       Rachel Goldstein, MD       Jennifer Laine, MD

Follow them on their journey! Traveling Fellows Blog

Past Traveling Fellowships

POSNA members who traveled to East Asia through APPOS:

Mark Lee, MD       Raymond Liu, MD         Rushyuan Lee, MD

POSNA members who traveled to Latin America through SLAOTI:

Daniel Hoernschemeyer, MD          Patrick Whitlock, MD           Scott McKay, MD

2017 Host Institutions:

Lurie Children's Hospital
Campbell Clinic
Hospital for Sick Children

Past traveling fellow award recipients are listed here.