Traveling Fellowship

POSNA sponsors an annual traveling fellowship in conjunction with other international pediatric orthopedic alliance societies (EPOS, SLAOTI, and APPOS). Each year 3 POSNA members will travel abroad and 3 members of an alliance society will tour in North America. Participants visit and learn new techniques and exchange ideas while deepening POSNA's international connection. 

2017 Host Institutions:

Lurie Children's Hospital
Campbell Clinic
Hospital for Sick Children

Past Traveling Fellowships

POSNA members who traveled to Europe through EPOS:

Emily Dodwell, MD          Derek Kelly, MD          Tim Schrader, MD 
View the 2016 traveling fellows blog from their trip around Europe.

Past visitors from EPOS:

Nicolas Nicoau (UK)
Blazej Pruszczynski (Poland)
Sergio Martinez Alvarez (Spain)
View a slideshow of the fellow's experience

2016 Host Institutions:

Boston Children's Hospital
Cincinnati Children's Hopsital
Children's National Medical Center

POSNA members who traveled to Latin America through SLAOTI:

Eric Shirley, MD          Bryan Tompkins, MD           Megan Young, MD

POSNA members who traveled to East Asia through APPOS:

Eric Edmonds, MD       A. Noelle Larson, MD         Amy McIntosh, MD
View the traveling fellows blog

Past traveling fellow award recipients are listed here.