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President's Letter

Happy spring POSNA Members!

Your organization continues to grow, and we are continuing to focus on providing member benefits, aligned with the results of our membership surveys. We are focused on providing you with outstanding pediatric orthopedic educational opportunities, and thus are excited about the upcoming annual meeting in Charlotte. Recently we have signed contracts that will provide opportunities for growth of the International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium meeting in Orlando, which will be held at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios for the next five years. We also executed plans for our 2023 Annual Meeting to be held in Nashville, TN. Now we are planning for the 2024 combined meeting with the European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS), with a coordinated effort looking at sites along the east coast for the 2nd EPOSNA Meeting. Thus, the lineup for upcoming POSNA Annual Meetings is Charlotte, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Nashville, and EPOSNA 2. These meetings and venues will continue to produce the world's best pediatric orthopedic educational opportunities. Our board and staff are "farsighted" and have us positioned very well for the future.

The POSNA Board of Directors recently met in Las Vegas at the AAOS Annual Meeting, and reviewed a number of issues important to the long-term success of our organization. There were many pediatric orthopedic educational offerings at the AAOS, coordinated by POSNA leaders Drs. Ernie Sink, Susan Scherl, Eric Edmonds and Meghan Imrie, including:
  • Papers and Posters - 98 presentations, 481 submissions
  • Scientific Exhibits- 3
  • Ortho Video Theater - 5 ICLs- 21
  • Symposia - 2

We are continuing with work focusing on promoting member wellness, and our 2019 Annual Meeting Pre-Course on May 15 will cover this in detail. I hope that you will review the agenda for Pre-Course and the Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina from May 15-18, and make plans to attend if you have not already. The Howard Steel Lecture will be presented by Aric Almirola, a top 10 NASCAR driver. He will discuss how the world's best race car drivers work with their team to optimize driver wellness and performance. My Presidential Guest Speaker will be former POSNA President Peter Waters, MD who will share his thoughts on critical issues related to our profession. We will also recognize outstanding members, including presenting the 2019 Distinguished Achievement Award to Perry Schoenecker, MD and Humanitarian Award to Richard Gross, MD, and we are excited to announce the inaugural class of the POSNA Hall of Fame during the opening ceremonies in Charlotte. Our program chair Michelle Caird, MD has an outstanding scientific program prepared, and I hope to see all of you in the Queen City of North Carolina next month.

Best wishes for a great spring season.


Steven Frick, MD
POSNA President



Steven Frick, MD
POSNA President

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Member News


Dr. Brian Shaw received the 2019 Outstanding Clinical Teacher for Musculoskeletal Care Award from the Colorado Springs Branch at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Fran├žois Fassier received the Meritorious Service Cross for his work with the Fassier-Duval rod.

Dr. Rachel Goldstein was elected to the AAOS Board of Directors as Member at Large.

Dr. Andrew Koman received the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Clinical Research Award at the AAOS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.


If you or another POSNA member was featured somewhere, let us know!

POSNA Committee Updates


QSVI Council | Kevin Shea, MD; Chair

QSVI Education | Daniel Sucato, MD, MS
The Education Committee has been continuing to put together content for the membership and others on QSVI topics in several formats. A new webinar entitled "Variation in our Clinical Practice: Defining it, Deciding How Much Is Too Much and Finding the Right Balance" was accepted and will occur in the summer. This will focus on the significant variation that is present within hospitals, within systems and the community. Strategies to pull out the excess variation leading to worse patient outcomes will be presented and specific examples of identifying this variation and improving on it will be discussed by a great lineup of faculty who have significant experience in these areas. At IPOS, several opportunities were provided to the committee to present - and included a talk at the POPS meeting on neuromuscular conditions where "small measures can lead to big impact" and the QSVI perspective regarding the new and exciting Wellness initiative. The committee continues to explore opportunities to understand more about Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) and leverage that organization to benefit POSNA through educational content. Finally, Drs. Julie Samora and Kevin Shea continue the exciting initiative to create a QSVI "living textbook" with all of the latest up-to-date content that will be a web-based delivery to POSNA member and others.
QSVI Sports | Henry Ellis Jr., MD
Primary objectives of the Sports Subcommittee include evaluation of pediatric arthroscopic complications in a PDSA QI model; establish consensus statements on return to play guidelines, lateral ankle injuries, and sports specialization; and disseminate narcotic recommendation for common pediatric procedures. Since our last report in November 2018, members of the QSVI Sports Committee have filmed a collection of 20 second clips on the top 10 pediatric sports medicine articles focusing on safe sports in the last 5 years. The intended audience for this video will be parents of youth athletes as well as coaches and other sports related professionals. The committee approved pediatric ACL return to play toolkit and narcotic guidelines remains in website development. The combined AAOS-BOS/POSNA QI grant supported complications registry (also known as SCORE) continue to grow with enrollment (now 350+) and institutional contract executions (now at 13 institutions). The steering committee for SCORE (all POSNA members) met on Jan 18 to review enrollment, compliance and future direction. A webinar for young athletes return to play has been accepted and scheduled for mid-August. We have also submitted a short survey regarding treatment of pediatric lateral ankle injuries and are in the process of a systematic review within the committee.   Our focused goals for 2019 will include expanding our return to play toolkit to other common sports injuries, steps to understand and minimize variability in common pediatric sports injuries (lateral ankle injuries) and begin discussion regarding a safe pediatric sports medicine accreditation
QSVI Research | Patrick Cahill, MD
The Research Committee of the QSVI Council has been very productive. We have rolled put the 2019 QSVI Challenge; a new multi-tiered challenge. Summaries of members' QSVI projects will be made available for other members to access. The committee is also excited to oversee the awarding of a new QSVI grant. W developed a call for submissions and developed a scoring system. Fifteen grants have been submitted and we are in the process of scoring these. We are also working on developing renewing content for the QSVI page of the POSNA website.
QSVI Upper Extremity | Joshua Abzug, MD
The UE Committee has completed the data analysis surrounding our POSNA survey membership questionnaire regarding the use of pre-operative antibiotics for UE fracture CRPP procedures. The manuscript has been submitted to JPO for publication. We have also performed a multi-center analysis regarding pediatric ganglion cysts. An abstract from this research was recently submitted to be presented at the 2019 ASSH annual meeting. Additional data collection is still ongoing. We are also working on developing a multi-center investigation surrounding pediatric fingertip injuries. Beyond research, our committee recently gave a combined webinar with AAHS and AAOS discussing Cost Saving Opportunities Surrounding Pediatric Upper Extremity Trauma. The replays of the webinar can be watched on the AAOS website. Our final project has been working on creating a handout/app for pediatricians and other providers regarding what to look for in BPBP patients to warrant a referral to a brachial plexus specialist.
QSVI  Hip and Lower Extremity | Benjamin Shore, MD, MPH, FRCSC
The POSNA QSVI Hip and Lower Extremity council has had a busy fall. Data collection and manuscript preparation regarding current VTE prophylaxis practice across POSNA has been completed and submitted for publication. The group is also working on creating a radiology primer to aid clinicians regarding the risks associated with radiation exposure. This primer will give relative radiation exposures to help educate parents regarding common imaging interventions. On deck, the group will explore the management of idiopathic toe walking. The ultimate goal will be to try and create a systematic review looking at efficacious evidence based treatment for idiopathic toe walking. Finally in concert with CORTICES, the AAOS/BOS VTE grant continues to collect data. DUAs are in place for the majority of the participant sites. Will will likely apply for a no-cost extension to continue with data collection into 2019. Our redcap database is in place and data collection is imminent.
QSVI  Trauma | Stephanie Holmes, MD
We have four current projects. 1) Our pulseless SCH fx flowchart has been approved for posting on the POSNA website. We would like it to be available on the AAOS website also at some point. 2) We have developed an app for operative management of SCH fx aimed at low volume centers. We have a beta version of the app we are currently testing and troubleshooting, and are adding figures/XR to it for clarity. When we have a final version we will submit to the EBP committee for approval, and then hopefully make it available through the POSNA website, and eventually the AAOS website. 3) We have developed a pain management protocol for nonoperative fractures (including reductions), which we are trialing in a few of our own institutions to iron out the kinks. When we have a final product we plan to make it available to POSNA as well as to pediatric ED/UC providers via their society websites. 4) We have written a survey which will go out to the POSNA membership regarding treatment of wrist buckle fractures-how should they be managed and who should manage them? This has been submitted to the EBP committee and will hopefully be sent out soon.
QSVI Spine | Matthew Oetgen, MD
Brief summary of activities since previous Board meeting (November 2018):
  1. Comprehensive spine checklist project - Lloyd Hey and 3Greens: Feasibility project complete. Abstract submitted to Spine Safety Summit.
  2. Oetgen, et al paper on QSVI Challenge participants bundle elements accepted to JPO. Publication pending.
  3. High risk checklist/pathway: formalized, working on publication POSNA website
  4. Multiple participant conference call regarding possible funding for safe spine accreditation mechanism with Gillette Children's Hospital representative
The following issues require action from the board for this committee to move forward:
  • Asking for time at March BOD meeting for presentation on "Safe Spine Center Accreditation" initiative
Our future priorities include:
  • Possible systematic review on outcome of SSI bundles
  • Developing plan for neuromonitoring education program for residents, fellows, early attendings
The Strategic Plans goals related to this committee have been reviewed and updated: Yes, no changes or updates

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Traveling Fellowship Committee | Lori Karol, MD; Chair 

A call for applications for the POSNA Traveling Fellowships was put forth via Constant Contact in autumn, 2018. Many excellent applicants responded. We are pleased to announce that Drs. Apurva Shah (Philadelphia), Coleen Sabatini (San Francisco), and Vidyadhar Upasani (San Diego) will represent POSNA throughout South America, with their trip culminating at the SLAOTI meeting in Chile in November 2019. Drs. Martin Morrison (Loma Linda), Justin Mistovich (Cleveland), and Jennifer Beck (Los Angeles) will travel to centers in Asia, and to the APOA meeting in Korea in April.
This winter, our committee selected sites for the 2019 EPOS Travelling Fellows to visit prior to our POSNA Annual Meeting in Charlotte. The European travelling fellows will visit Boston Children's Hospital, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, and the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many thanks to the numerous centers who applied as hosts.
The committee would like to thank Melody Raymond for her expert assistance with this process.
Follow current and past fellows on their journeys! Check out the Traveling Fellows blog on the POSNA website.

Hall of Fame Committee | Scott Rosenfeld, MD; Chair

Introducing the POSNA Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame was developed as a way to honor our distinguished POSNA members and to provide an enduring history of the "Pillars of POSNA". It will recognize members who have not only provided invaluable service to POSNA and the field of pediatric orthopaedics, but also to their patients, practice partners, students, and communities. The 2019 Annual Meeting will include a ceremony to induct the inaugural class for the POSNA Hall of Fame. Additionally, the meeting will feature a Hall of Fame exhibit to honor the inductees and detail their achievements and contributions. Please plan to join us at the POSNA Annual Meeting to celebrate the members of the POSNA Hall of Fame.


Evidence Based Practice Committee | Theodore Ganley, MD; Chair

The EBP Committee has worked this year on topics that range from helping educate individual POSNA members to laying important groundwork for national initiatives that fall in line with the charges of the EBP Committee. A bulleted list of this year's work includes:
  • Lawnmower Injuries study through the PHIS database - lead: Drs. Theodore Ganley, Ronit Shah
    • Data collection complete, manuscript submitted to all EBP Committee members for review, when input complete all contributing EBP Members will be recognized in the publication as authors
    • A systematic review on POSNA surveys - lead: Dr. Kishore Mulpuri
    • Ongoing collaboration of Lawnmower Injuries study - lead: the CORTICES group
    • Analyzing the impact of POSNA surveys - lead: Dr. Philip Nowicki
  • Consulted for the QSVI Committee, and acted to reduce survey redundancy
Surveys of the POSNA Membership
  1. helped the EBP Committee identify and score the highest quality surveys submitted
  2. allowed the EBP Committee to provide information to students and individual members with a casual interest in surveys to understand that producing a quality survey requires more work and statistical work than they may be willing/able to provide
  3. met the request of POSNA members and POSNA leadership to 1) "raise the bar" on the quality of POSNA surveys and 2) eliminate low level surveys distributed to POSNA members without likelihood to lead to publication
Educational Resources
  • Proposed an "Understanding Levels of Evidence" POSNA webinar
  • We've provided three articles on how to improve the quality of your Survey Study, and posted it on the EBM site
  • We've gathered Prime Examples of LOEs (Level 1-5) in all four clinical study categories (Therapeutic, Prognostic, Diagnostic, Economic) to be posted on the EBM site as ways for POSNA members to become better at discerning LOEs

E-Editorial Committee | Ryan Muchow, MD; Chair 

The E-Editorial committee has been hard at work reviewing excellent material that the OrthoKids, Core Curriculum, and POSNAcademy teams/contributors have been creating. To date, 10 OrthoKids topics have completed review, 5 more are currently in review; 24 Core Curriculum topics have completed review, 9 more are in review; and 2 POSNAcademy videos have completed review, 2 more currently are in review. 


Educational Courses Committee | Klane White, MD; Chair

The POSNA Educational Courses Committee, through the Global Course outreach, partners with representatives from one of the POSNA's Alliance Societies to develop and deliver high level educational courses abroad. The Alliance Society member in conjunction with a POSNA sponsor member are welcome to submit applications for co-funding of these meetings. 
For more information and an application, please email Michelle Majewski at majewski@aaos.org.


Program Committee | Michelle Caird, MD; Chair 

The Program Committee continues to prepare for the 2019 Annual Meeting, May 15-18, 2019 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The Program Committee (Drs. Michelle Caird, Jeffrey Sawyer, Jeffrey Martus, and Wudbhav Sankar), along with our local hosts Drs. Brian Brighton and Virginia Casey have put together an amazing course of academic content, interesting and new symposia, and many wonderful social opportunities.
The number of abstracts submitted continues to increase each year to a record 924 this year. The final academic program consisting of 169 paper presentations, 20 paper posters and 80 ePosters has been finalized. Each paper was read 8 times to calculate the final score. Thank you to our 103 volunteer readers who provided a combined 7,392 reads of the abstracts!
A few highlights for 2019:
  • New this year, in addition to our usual abstract format, are the POSNA Surgical Technique Video Abstracts which will be featured at the POSNA Video Theater. Visit the Video Theater and vote for your favorite video abstract! Then watch again and again after the meeting on POSNAcademy.
  • The POSNA Pre-Course, chaired by Brian Scannell, MD, "Improving Patient Care through Wellness, Teamwork, and Organizational Changes" will combine a mix of didactic and discussion-based teaching focusing on caring for ourselves, our teams, and our pediatric orthopaedic patients.
  • Back at long last and by popular demand - Thursday Afternoon Recess (free afternoon) - explore Charlotte, reconnect with POSNA colleagues, try new wellness techniques! We kept the symposia, but look for them on Thursday morning.
  • The Business Meeting will be one lunchtime meeting to be held on Friday, May 17th from 11:30 AM-1 PM.
  • The closing ceremony will take place at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Grab your pit crew and see how fast your team can get your car back on the track!
Charlotte is home to many wonderful restaurants and bars within walking distance from the hotel. In addition, numerous recreational activities including golf, tennis, and bicycle riding are available.
We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!


Research Committee | Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD; Chair 

The grant process with Proposal Central went amazing. Melody Raymond did an amazing job transitioning our antiquated method of submission to a state-of-the-art system. This newer online system completely streamlined the process - making it more efficient and provided excellent feedback to the applicants as well as automatic databasing for future submissions. We received 73 LOIs, accepted 47 LOIs. Of the 47 accepted LOIs 45 submitted full applications. Of the 45, 13 were funded and will be announced in May at the annual meeting.


Communications Council | Robert Cho, MD; Chair

The Communications Council has been quite busy over the last few months with many projects dedicated to getting more information out to our members, fellows and residents, and patients and families. The Public Education and Media Relations Committee, under the direction of Chair Dr. Nicholas Fletcher, has started a series of podcasts looking at recent Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics (JPO) articles as well as many other topics related to our society. Carter Clement, POSNA candidate member, hosts this lively and entertaining podcast series which features interviews with the author of the most interesting articles featured in JPO. Podcasts will be available soon on POSNAcademy.

Our Advocacy Committee, chaired by Dr. Harold Van Bosse, has been busy with multiple initiatives including the Act Your Age campaign (in concert with AAOS and AAP) as well as fighting for the right for children to continue to get radiographic procedures in pediatric hospitals and facilities and not get denied by their insurance companies.  They have also begun to look into providing awareness of the dangers of gun violence through fact based visual abstracts that outline the salient points in an easily transmittable format for patients and families through social media.
The Resident's Newsletter Committee, under the guidance of Chair Dr. Pooya Hosseinzadeh, has been working hard to provide high yield study materials for residents and fellows for the OITE and the ABOS exam.  A high yield OITE review video was well received and will be expanded upon with multiple different videos corresponding to different subspecialties within pediatric orthopaedics. A question bank with OITE style questions is also being worked on and will be featured on POSNAcademy prior to the November exam.  
The Publications Committee, chaired by Dr. Kelly Vanderhave, released a new What's New in Pediatric Orthopaedics in the February issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Multiple other manuscripts are in process or awaiting publication as well in other journals.  
The Technology Oversight Committee, led by Dr. Bryan Tompkins, continues to provide the backbone of our communications efforts to our members, trainees, and patients and families. POSNAcademy continues to see higher and higher traffic and is utilized by surgeons in all levels of training to provide education and reference for many different subjects and procedures within pediatric orthopaedics. 
I truly thank our committee chairs and committee members who work tirelessly to give the latest and most accurate information to all of our physicians, patients, and families.  

AAP, Section on Orthopaedics | Brian Shaw, MD; Chair 

Abstracts are now being accepted within over 30 American Academy of Pediatrics section and council programs - including the Section on Orthopaedics. All are held during the 2019 National Conference & Exhibition from October 25 through October 29 in New Orleans, Louisiana. For a list of participating groups visit
The Section on Orthopaedics (SOOr) will consider abstracts that focus on the musculoskeletal system including sports, spine, neuromuscular disorders, and trauma. Residents, fellows, and students are strongly encouraged to present the results of their scientific projects. The Section on Orthopaedics-Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America Young Investigator Awards offer monetary prizes for the top presentations.
Abstracts will be accepted through Friday, April 12, 2019.  For specifics and/or to submit an abstract for review visit Section on Orthopaedics Abstracts
The abstract program will be part of the Section's annual academic and scientific session on Saturday, October 26, and Sunday, October 27, 2019 in New Orleans.  Save the date!
Dr. Theodore Ganley serves as the Program Chair and Dr. Yi-Meng Yen as the Abstract Chair.


COUR Committee | Eric Fornari, MD; Chair

 The COUR Committee has been busy working on a number of initiatives this year and would like to provide the following updates for the membership.
2019 COUR Scholars: We had another competitive applicant pool. The six that have been selected are listed below. 
Rahimullah Hamid, MD from Afghanistan - AM19
Venkatadass Krishnamoorthy, MD, MBBS, from India - AM19
Joseph Theuri Marcharia, MBBS, from Kenya - AM19
Miguel Oqueli, MD, from El Salvador - AM19
Moses Fisha Maguzi Muhumuza, Mmed, from Uganda - IPOS
Msami Evariat Ngowi, Mmed, from Tanzania - IPOS
We will be hosting four of them at the upcoming annual meeting in Charlotte and then the other two at IPOS. Please keep an eye out for them at the meetings! Feel free to introduce yourself and help make this experience an exceptional one for them.
2019 Educational Courses: We have received funding through the POSNA board for support of up to 3 International COUR Courses for 2019. These are courses that take place in countries that do not have their own pediatric orthopedic alliance Society. There is already one scheduled for October in Ecuador. If there is a course that you are interested in developing, please feel free to reach out to myself or Teri Stech for an application.
Website Update: Our committee is working to improve the content and function of our section of the website. Our goal is to create a more useful interactive map that is updated with the ongoing international work of our members.  We hope that members will be able to use this as a resource to connect with other individuals doing work in the same region.  We also hope for her to be a resource for individuals looking for volunteers for specific trips as well as for volunteers looking for overseas opportunities. Along these lines, we will soon be sending out a survey to the membership so that we can collect the necessary information to create this interactive resource.  Please keep an eye out for the survey from the POSNA staff and we thank you ahead of time for taking the time to complete it.
2019 COUR Symposium: This year's symposium will focus on the delivery of pediatric orthopedic care in a refugee environment. Dr. Coleen Sabatini and I have worked to put together a diverse panel of experts related to delivery of such care. We hope this will be an interactive and educational symposium for everyone involved in international work. I encourage you to attend on Thursday morning during the annual meeting.
Thank you and I look forward to connecting with everyone soon in Charlotte!

OrthoKids Advocacy Videos 

Trampoline Safety Video Lawnmower Safety

Both videos can be found under Champion Causes on OrthoKids.org
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Other News


New ABOS Web-Based Longitudinal Assessment Program Launches

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) has launched a new Knowledge Assessment option as part of the ABOS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. Diplomates will now have an option that they can take instead of the ABOS Computer-Based or Oral Recertification Examinations. The new Web-Based Longitudinal Assessment (ABOS WLA) Program will involve yearly review of Orthopaedic Knowledge Sources and open-book questions delivered to participating Diplomates' computers. Diplomates may now begin reviewing and selecting Knowledge Sources for the 2019 inaugural administration of the ABOS WLA Program. They can access these Knowledge Sources from their ABOS WLA Portal by going to www.abos.org, logging in to their ABOS Dashboard, and clicking on the button "ABOS Web-Based Longitudinal Assessment Platform."
ABOS Diplomates who plan to participate in the program in 2019 will need to select 15 of the 101 Knowledge Sources to study in-depth. They will then answer questions based on those 15 Knowledge Sources during the ABOS 2019 WLA assessment window (April 15 to May 20). The chosen Knowledge Sources will form the basis for 30 multiple-choice questions (two from each chosen source) that will be delivered to their personal computer during the assessment window.
More information about the ABOS WLA can be found on www.abos.org. Visit the ABOS booth in Charlotte for more details.

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