POSNA Town Hall

Thursday | October 22, 2020 | 7:00pm CDT | The POSNA Town Hall is sponsored by OrthoPediatrics

Join the Town Hall

The POSNA Town Hall is sponsored by OrthoPediatrics

POSNA is pleased to present a virtual Town Hall meeting for members. These meetings will feature POSNA President Dr. Michael Vitale as well as other members of the POSNA Board of Directors to discuss the state of the organization, new educational initiatives, as well as offering a unique opportunity for members to ask the Board of Directors their questions directly.  

Please join Dr. Vitale and the POSNA Board on Thursday, October 22 at 7:00pm CDT to discuss overall Board strategy and direction, finances, and the Safe Surgery Program.

Tentative schedule:
7:00pm - 7:05pm:  Introduction of POSNA Town Hall 
7:05pm - 7:15pm:  Greetings & pertinent issues from Board of Directors meeting
7:15pm - 7:20pm:  Q&A
7:20pm - 7:30pm:  POSNA Finances
7:30pm - 7:35pm:  Q&A
7:35pm - 7:50pm:  POSNA Safe Surgery Program
7:50pm - 8:00pm:  Q&A

Join the Town Hall