POSNA Member Seeks Donations for Ukraine

Please see the message from John E. Herzenberg, MD, FRCSC, who is asking for your help in collecting gently used monolateral modular external fixators to aid those in Ukraine.

Dear POSNA Members,

No doubt you are aware of the ongoing war in Ukraine, now entering its fourth month, with no signs of abating. I have been in contact with a variety of Ukrainian orthopedic surgeons working in Kyiv and in the peripheral hospitals. Recently one of our OR nurses returned after a two week stint of volunteering in a hospital in Kramatorsk, near the front lines of fighting.

The stories are horrific: massive injuries, multiple fractures, high velocity gunshots, shrapnel, and explosion injuries. For the Ukrainian soldiers, most of the injuries are to the extremities, as they are generally protected in their head and trunks by helmets and body armor. Civilians do not fare as well.
There is an acute shortage of trauma external fixators, and many limbs are being amputated for lack of a better pathway. We can, as a society, help. I have worked with several agencies to successfully transfer nearly 1,000 lbs of trauma external fixators to a variety of specific hospitals where there is an acute need.

We are looking for gently used monolateral modular external fixators, such as Smith Nephew Jet-X (10.5 mm rods), Synthes Large external fixator (11 mm rods), Stryker Hoffman III (11 mm rods), and Zimmer Biomet XtraFix (11 mm rods).

Please contact me at Jherzenb@lifebridgehealth.org for further details.

My team will sort, reprocess, pack, and arrange shipment to hospitals in Ukraine.
Many thanks for your help in this crowd sourcing effort to alleviate suffering in Ukraine.

John Herzenberg, MD, FRCSC