POSNA Distinguished Achievement Award, Humanitarian Award, and Hall of Fame Nominations

Do you know a POSNA member that should be recognized for service and contributions above and beyond the usual?

Hall of Fame
The purpose of the POSNA Hall of Fame (HOF) is to honor those distinguished POSNA members who helped to build and grow both our organization and the fund of knowledge for, and practice of, pediatric orthopaedic surgery. The HOF recognizes members who have not only provided invaluable service to POSNA and the field of pediatric orthopaedics, but also to their institutions, patients, colleagues, students, and communities. The HOF serves to provide an enduring history of the "Pillars of POSNA" where we can learn about and honor the contributions of these legends of pediatric orthopaedics.
Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Distinguished Achievement Award
This award is to honor a member of the Society for distinguished contributions in pediatric orthopaedics. Nominees for this award will have demonstrated excellence in education, leadership, advocacy, research, publications or contributions to the society. A letter of recommendation, outlining the achievements of the nominee must accompany the nomination.
DAA & HA Nomination Form

Humanitarian Award
This award is given to a member of the Society who has made exceptional humanitarian efforts to improve the lives of children worldwide. Nominations may be submitted by society members. A letter of recommendation outlining the service and humanitarian efforts of the nominee must accompany the nomination.
DAA & HA Nomination Form

All Nominations close Monday, October 3, 2022