High Yield Pediatric Orthopaedics Review for the OITE

This is a fast-paced webinar geared for orthopaedic residents preparing for the Orthopaedic In-Training Examination (OITE).


Pediatrics questions make up a large percentage of OITE questions (only orthopedic trauma has more), so a little time spent in this webinar can help improve your score!

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Topics and Panelists include: 
  • Upper Extremity Trauma – Jon Schoenecker, MD, PhD
  • Lower Extremity Trauma – Emmanouil Grigoriou, MD
  • Infection – Haleh Badkoobehi, MD
  • Spine – Craig Louer, MD
  • Hip – Verena Schreiber, MD
  • Foot – Nathan Lempert, MD
  • “Misc./Potpourri” – Martin Morrison, MD

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