The Resident Review

5/5/2022  |  by Daniel Miller, MD

5 "Killer Apps" for the Orthopaedic Trainee

Our devices have become essential in preparing for our clinical duties and organizing our lives.  Dr. Dan Miller highlights the most effective apps for orthopaedic trainees—some you’ve heard of and some which will become your new favorites. Watch the video to see them in action!

2/25/2022  |  by Craig Louer, MD

5 Tips for Nailing a Research Podium Talk

You’ve asked an important question and worked towards a podium-worthy answer. Congratulations! But how to make sure everyone in the room grasps your main points and your research gets recognized? The importance of a crisp and engaging presentation cannot be overstated.

1/20/2022  |  by Sumeet Garg, MD, POSNA Resident Communications Committee

5 Tips for Starting the Job Search

So you're training to be a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and looking ahead to identifying a job. Where do you start looking for posted jobs and how do you find jobs that aren't posted? What personal and career preferences should you consider when choosing candidate positions? For these answers and more, read on!

12/20/2021  |  by Verena M. Schreiber, MD, FAAOS

5 Tips on Getting Research Done as a Resident

Research can be a polarizing topic for most residents. Research certainly has its utility: the ACGME requires residents to participate in scholarly activities and it can set you apart when applying for fellowship and jobs in academia.  Some may inherently love its challenges, while others may be forever frustrated.  As a resident, you often have to get results when experience, knowledge, and free-time are difficult to come by. Here are five tips to help you succeed in research as a resident.

10/28/2021  |  by Chinmay Paranjape, MD; Craig Louer, MD, Robert Esther, MD; Resident Communications Committee

Key Peds Ortho Resources for the OITE

The Orthopedic In-Training Exam (OITE) is quickly approaching! Pediatric Orthopedics makes up ~14% of the test annually. Furthermore, topics considered “testable” are consistent and predictable.

9/27/2021  |  by Joseph L. Yellin, MD

5 Tips to be a Successful Chief Resident

First of all, congratulations on a strong start to your Chief Year! With graduation around the bend, there are many goals and ideals fighting for priority as you bring residency to a close. We hope these 5 tips will help you keep things in perspective and get the most out of your final year of orthopaedic residency.

8/26/2021  |  by Colyn Watkins, MD; POSNA Resident Communications Committee

5 tips for a Successful Personal Statement in Orthopaedic Surgery

Whether it is the residency match or upcoming fellowship applications, many trainees are thinking about the content of their personal statement. While a great personal statement is still not enough to guarantee match success, a poorly written statement can be a proverbial “nail in the coffin”. Do not under-estimate its importance and consider these quick tips to make your statement an asset for your upcoming application!

6/1/2021  |  by Sumeet Garg, MD, POSNA Resident Communications Committee

5 Tips for Preparing for Cases as a Resident

In residency, the days are long, but the years are short.  Each case you scrub is an amazing opportunity to prepare yourself for independent practice. Here are five tips to consider when preparing for cases as a trainee.

5/8/2021  |  by Craig Louer, MD

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Conference

I have always enjoyed the conference experience. While meetings can be exhausting, I usually return to my institution feeling reinvigorated and with new ideas for improving clinical and research programs. Keys to success at conferences certainly varies for each individual, but the following 5 tips should be a good starting point!

2/24/2021  |  by Dan Miller, MD

5 Tips for Putting Together Your Fellowship Rank List

Congratulations! You have made it through all your fellowship interviews.
Hopefully, you were able to get a good feel for different programs and are more excited than ever to pursue your dream specialty. Now comes the very exciting (and difficult) task of putting your rank-list together. 
Here are 5 tips to consider when you are putting together your rank list for fellowship.