2019 SLAOTI/POSNA TF - Exploring Orthopaedics in Curitiba, Brazil - Day 3

Sunday, October 27th – Curitiba, Brazil
The morning started bright and early with a quick breakfast at the hotel and trying to work out the glitches in this blog system.  Then Dr. Francisco Kozovits from Hospital Univ Cajuru/Hospital do Trabalhador picked us up at the hotel at 9am for a tour of Curitiba. Of note, he had done a CRPP of a supracondylar humerus fracture and a spica cast for a femur fracture in the morning before picking us up at 9AM!  We were impressed with his efficiency and their rapid turn-over times.
We started by driving to the beautiful Jardim Botanico de Curitiba. We have been so impressed by all the parks and recreational spaces in the city and the Jardim was no exception! It was another sunny and clear day and got up to 88 degrees, which, all out hosts made clear was very unusual for the city of Curitiba. We walked through the gardens and enjoyed the statues and flowers. We then drove through the city to see some of the main sites including the Catedral Basilica Menor de Nossa Senhora da Luz of Curitiba, the Wire Opera House Theatre, and the Paço da Liberdade as well as the outside of the hospitals where he works.  We went to the Sunday open aire market (Feira do Largo da Ordem) in the São Francisco neighborhood to enjoy some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and peruse the local artisans. Dr. Kozovits dropped us back off at the hotel in time to get refreshed before lunch.


After a period of very brief rest at the hotel, Dr. Evando José Aguila Gois (sports surgeon) from Hospital Pequeno Príncipe picked us up and we had a leisurely stroll down the streets of Curitiba to the home of Dr. Luis Eduardo Munhoz da Rocha.  Dr. Munhoz da Rocha is not only a renowed spine surgeon, but a culinary wizard.  He and his son Rodolfo treated us to a home-cooked meal of angus steak and a vegetarian lasagna that he made special for Coleen (but enough for everyone to enjoy!).  
The food was spectacular and put all of our culinary skills to shame.  We partook of some wonderful Argentinian Malbecs and, of course, some Brazilian cachaça to top off an amazing meal and good times talking about life and orthopaedics with our new Curitiba friends including, Evando Gois, Ana Laura Munhoz da Cunha, Victor Ramos, João Caetano Munhoz Abdo, and Luiz Müller Avila.

After an exceptional time with the team at Dr. Munhoz da Rocha’s house, we left on foot walking with Drs. Gois and Ramos over to Estádio Joaquim Américo Guimarães where we were treated to a game of the 2019 Brazilian Cup Champions Club Athletico Paranaense (CAP).  

At the stadium, we met up with pediatric orthopaedic fellow Bruno Azalim, and two orthopaedic residents Pedro and Leonardo. We were particularly impressed with the fact that we were treated to seats in the Presidential Suite and had the opportunity to meet the President of the athletic club and celebrate a 4-1 victory of Athletico over Goias.   
We had an amazing time participating in this “authentic Brazil activity” and celebrating with the locals, who clearly love their team.    
After an exciting game and a wonderful day with our new friends in Curitiba, we headed back to the hotel and partook of a Caipirinha while writing this blogpost and exchanging photos with our Brazilian friends.
It was a good day. 

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