Weekend Fun in Seoul, South Korea

A red eye flight brought us into Seoul, South Korea as the sun was rising.
We were quickly through customs and met with Dr Park, Dr Moon and Dr Kwon. Their enthusiasm was infectious even after a long flight. They were gracious and accommodating when we stated that we needed a shower after a long, hot day in Malacca and an over night flight. So, change of plans for them. 

Incheon Airport is about an hour outside of Seoul so "on the way" to our plans for the day, we ended up at a Korea Day Spa. Showers, saunas, steam rooms oh my! Even ended the spa session in an "ice room", ahhhh so nice. 


With my Princess Leia head towel I was ready for the next adventure!

Our team motto "Up For Anything" continued when Dr Park brought us to a Vintage Korean Town. Of course we said yes to dressing in traditional clothes to walk around the town. Though, a young boy wasn't' convinced in Justin's warrior capabilities and let him know. 



We learned about the Korean way of life, their livestock, their pets and even the games they played to pass the time. Yut!


Its brisk outside in Seoul, high 40s today approaching 50deg. Its a city of four seasons so our stroll through the vintage village included a stop for hot cinnamon team, delish, as well as kimchi pizza, acorn salad, and seafood pancake! Lucky to be an experienced chopstick user or these gorgeous clothes may have been purchased instead of renting : )

After a check in and regrouping at the hotel, it was off for dinner. Clearly theres no better first stop then top rated Black Pig BBQ

Pork belly, neck and diaphragm were each tastier then the previous cut. Anchovy and soy bean sauce were used for dipping with roasted garlic and marinated onions on the side. And wow, the kim chi! So fresh and spicy! The way it always should be. 
Now that we gorged on three cuts of meats and sides, Dr Park tells us its time for the main dinner. "Up for Anything" says absolutely. Marty and Justin opted for cold, spicy noodles while Jenn ventured into Kim Chi Soup. All of the winners for us! Thank goodness we all like spicy food!

Clean bodies, enriched minds, and full bellies . .. what more could traveling fellows ask for! 
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