Day 3: Kuala Lumpur Hospital UKM & Maternal and Children's Hospital KL


We had a travel day into KL yesterday, but today was our first venture into the Malaysian medical community. The morning commenced with a lecture series. Marty Morrison started us off with a SCFE presentation, Jenn Beck gave a talk on return to sport testing after ACL reconstruction, and Justin Mistovich gave a lecture on current concepts in adolescent spinal deformity surgery. Dr. Kamal Jamil had just finished several years of research on bisphosphonates in Perthes treatment and he also gave a lecture on his findings. His work found that hip motion and pain are improved with bisphosphonate therapy, but there was no significant difference in femoral head sphericity. 



Following our presentations, the staff actually arranged for several complex patients to travel to the hospital for in person case presentations
and discussions, including kyphoscoliosis in a patient with spina bifida and the management of an SMA patient. 
Professor Sharaf Ibrahim then hosted a lunch for us, including homemade apple pie from his neighbor. 
Dr. Lynn Azura took us to the brand new (less than one month old) Maternal and Children’s Hospital KL. We met Prof. Nor Ashikin Johari there, who took us around the facility as well as on orthopaedic ward rounds. 

After our visit, Dr. Azura gave us a tour of the city and a meal of delicious Malaysian food. 



Great experiences and memories! 
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