Severance Hospital: The education and surprise adventures continue

56222426_10157116272114383_5195251716085252096_n.jpgWe spent our day with the team at Severance Hospital today. This was really interesting for me, as a Clevelander, because the Severance family who funded the hospital here is the same family from Cleveland who has made substantial gifts to our community, including Severance Hall, home of the Cleveland Orchestras. 


Cases for the day included a young man with bilateral radial synostosis who wanted to play the guitar and underwent an osteotomy, containment of a perthes hip, and a VDRO+Dega with Drs. Kim and Kwak. Dr. Park also shared a discoid meniscus case he recently did with us. He had previously spent time as a visiting fellow at CHOP with Dr. Ganley, one of Marty and my mentors from fellowship. Small world. 


After some time in the OR, Dr. Kim had arranged for a catered sushi lunch in the surgeon lounge. We then took a tour of the hospital facilities, which were remarkable and efficient! There is a single kiosk patients can use after appointments to pay for parking, pay the remainder of their bill, and collect any prescriptions. 

We then traveled to the Gangnam neighborhood with Dr. Kwak, and she brought us to a Nata show. It's a bit hard to explain, but imagine a percussion performance fused with acrobatics, dancing, singing, slapstick comedy, and martial arts—all with a cooking theme. (Trust us, this somehow all worked together surprisingly well)


Following the show, we had the opportunity to dine at Byeokje Galbi, one of the best restaurants in Asia. The food kept coming, and it was hard to decide whether the view out the windows of Gangnam or the feast spread out on the table were more beautiful to look at. 


This marks the end of our hospital and clinical visits. Tomorrow we will head to Incheon for the start of APPOS!

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