Seoul National University Hospital

After a good nights rest (clearly not good enough to figure out how to format my pics properly, sorry for that), we were picked up at our hotel by Dr Shin, junior faculty in peds ortho, and SNUH. The hospital was near to our hotel so was only a short drive. The hospital complex was beautifully upkept. 

The main hospital had a children's hospital connected to it with a research building on the same property. 

We met Dr Cho, Director of the Hospital and Head Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon for a quick cup of coffee then off to the ORs with Dr Yoo for an 830 start. And they meant 830 start. We were all incredibly impressed at the efficiency of the OR staff as incision was made at 830 on the dot! All three of us have an interest in sports medicine so it was humbling and an awe inspiring to see a discoid meniscus surgery in Korea. We all learned several new surgical techniques and will definitely take home the concept that turnover time can routinely be 12minutes. Our OR staff is going to hate that we spent time in Korea.... the possibilities of efficiency...Though operating, even better doing arthroscopy, in open toed sandals without any socks on was a sight to see. Here, its every day practice.

After the case, we had a hospital tour which was full of windows and natural lighting. Clean is an understatement for this hospital. Even at the entrance to the gait lab, we had to remove our shoes and put on communal slippers.

Similar to the USA, gait lab is available but is costly for patients and not covered by insurance. Its run by physical therapists who provide treatment plans based on the findings. Love that idea!

We also learned about their 30,000 patient/year international program which is cash based fees for any international patient wanting care at SNUH.

We learned the hospital originated in 1904 and a museum is now housed within the old original building.

The hospital sits next to the queens palace, with a gorgeous view of the North Mountains in the background. Apparently as recently as the 1970s, South Korean military found North Korean spies in these mountains, yikes!


After a lunch with Dr Cho and Shin enjoying the beautiful view, we had some time to tour the Kings Palace in Seoul. 

After a afternoon of fresh air, we met with Dr Cho, Yoo and Shin back at SNUH for a discussion of complex cases: tibial pseudarthrosis, missed DDH, LCP, and SCFE. Great learning for the residents as numerous options were discussed for each pathology. Too bad we couldn't come up with a perfect solution for any of them... working on it for next time. 

Our night ended with a return to the gastro side of things... Korean famous kimchi and bibimbop were out of this world! Good things Justin was smart enough to ask how to eat this, deconstructed Bibimbop. So good. 

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