Exploring Seoul

A rare free day as we were scheduled for transit to the APPOS conference site, so we took a tour to the DMZ (demilitarized zone of Korea). This is a 4 km swath of land about 1 hour north of Seoul, on the North Korea – South Korea border. We saw the Freedom Bridge. We saw the Third Tunnel and walked down it to < 200 meters from North Korea. At 73 meters down, it was quite impressive. We then went to the Observation Tower to see North Korea and their enormous flag pole (4th largest in the world). We stopped at a ginseng tour on the way back.




We were picked up at our hotel by Dr. Hoon Park (last year’s POSNA Traveling Fellow to the US) where he took us to Seoul Sky – the 4th highest observation deck in the world at 120 stories and over 400 meters.





After driving over an hour to Incheon, the site of the APPS/APPOS meeting, we checked in then went to the Welcome Dinner. Meeting our hosts and Professor Ken Kuo was an honor.

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