Webinars: Modifying the Management of Pediatric Orthopaedics During COVID19

Two COVID-19 Pediatric Orthopaedic webinars, on consecutive Tuesdays, were held to discuss what is going on in the world with respect to our specialty. The faculty for the first included Hank Chambers, San Diego, as Moderator, Tony Andreacchio, Milan, Pierre Journeau, Nancy, Fergal Monsell, Bristol, Pablos Castaneda, New York and Suzanne Yandow, Seattle. Of particular interest was the set of recommendations, written by Fergal and approved by BSCOS and the BOA. The recommendations discuss how we may need to modify the management of pediatric orthopaedic cases in a way that frees up critical resources such as x-ray, anesthesia, ER, et., resources that are critically needed to service those that are really sick with the virus. Obviously, we must do it in a way that minimizes any morbidity associated with a modified method of management. Those recommendations are available for download. The link to access the recorded webinar and associated valuable downloads is: https://www.docmatter.com/orthpediatrics-covid19-webinar

The second webinar, this past Tuesday added some new faculty members. The new faculty included Steve Albanese, East Syracuse, Xuemin Lu, Beijing, Luis Moraleda, Madrid and David Farrington, Sevilla. It was good to hear the various perspectives of those coming out of the crisis, those right in the thick of the pandemic and those preparing for the onslaught. The link for the second webinar is: https://www.docmatter.com/practical-issues-covid19

We are all in this together and we know that we will get through it although not without pain.  It is good to have the incredible fellowship we have and the commitment to do what we can to help.

 Please be safe!

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