Research Award Details

2018 - POSNA Micro Grant

Keeping Casts Dry – A Comparison Study of Effectiveness of Various Commercially Available Cast Covers in the Pediatric Population

Grant Recipient: Verena Schreiber, MD

NorthShore University HealthSystem
Additional Information:
Final Report
            Principal Investigator:           Verena M.Schreiber, MD
            Co-Investigator:                     David W. Roberts, MD
For this study we used a total of 3 sets of plastic pediatric mannequins arms (3, 6 and 12 years). Each mannequin arm was weighed before initial cast placement. Then short arm casts were applied with webril and fiberglass and after application each arm was weighed using a pediatric digital scale. A control group was utilized and was submerged under water without a protective cover and was weighed after. The experimental group was then be submerged using the protective cover and was weighed afterwards. Various cover options were tested. Given the broad variety of cast covers each cast cover was tested four times.
Primary outcome measures of success were achieved. The data is currently being analyzed and upon completion an abstract will be prepared that will be submitted to POSNA for the 2021 meeting. It is also planned to prepare a manuscript and submit it to JPO.