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Outcomes - Obesity and Closed fx Treatment

Grant Recipient: Patrick McGregor, MD

Loyola University Medical Center
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Our research team was awarded a POSNA MicroGrant for $1000 to investigate the effects of obesity on pediatric long bone fractures. We were interested in retrospectively reviewing any differences that could be found in the injury and treatment characteristics of long bone fractures comparing overweight/obese children and normal weight children.

We chose to divide the project into two discrete investigations. We retrospectively reviewed all pediatric tibia fractures over a 12-year period at our institution from 2007-2019 and we reviewed all forearm fractures from 2017-2019. We were able to include over 700 patients in the two studies combined. Clinic notes, radiographs, and follow-up information were gathered for all the patients and we then worked with the Biostatistics Department to compose two manuscripts: one on pediatric tibia fracture and another on pediatric forearm fractures. We are currently submitting both manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. We used the POSNA funds to complete our research aims and to obtain statistical analysis from a trained statistician. In total, we used $950 of the $1000 grant. The remaining $50 was placed into a research fund in the Loyola Orthopaedics Department for future projects.