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Grant Recipient: David Skaggs, MD

Presentations & Publications:
Publications: 1. Skaggs DL, Bushman G, Grunander T, Wong P, Sankar W, Tolo VT. Shortening of Growing-Rod Spinal Instrumentation Reverses Cardiac Failure in Child with Marfan Syndrome and Scoliosis, J Bone Joint Surge, 90-A 2745-2750, 2008. 2. Skaggs DL. Choi PD. Rice C. Emans J. Song KM. Smith JT. Campbell RM Jr. Efficacy of intraoperative neurologic monitoring in surgery involving a vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib for early-onset spinal deformity. J Bone Joint Surge – Am, 91(7):1657-63,2009 3. Sponseller PD. Yang JS. Thompson GH. McCarthy RE. Emans JB. Skaggs DL. Asher MA. Yazici M. Poe-Kochert C. Kostial P. Akbarnia BA. Pelvic fixation of growing rods: comparison of constructs. Spine. 34(16):1706-10, 2009. 4. Sankar WN. Skaggs DL. Emans JB. Marks DS. Dormans JP. Thompson GH. Shah SA. Sponseller PD. Akbarnia BA. Neurologic risk in growing rod spine surgery in early onset scoliosis: is neuromonitoring necessary for all cases? Spine. 34(18):1952-5, 2009. 5. Skaggs DL. Sankar WN. Albrektson J. Wren TA. Campbell RM Weight gain following vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs surgery in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome. Spine. 34(23):2530-3, 2009 6. Yang, JS; McElroy, MJ; Akbarnia, BA; Salari, P; Oliveira, D; Thompson, GH; Emans, JB; Yazici, M; Skaggs, D L; Shah, SA; Kostial, PN; Sponseller, Paul D. Growing Rods for Spinal Deformity: Characterizing Consensus and Variation in Current Use. J Ped Orthop 30(3):264-270, 2010. 7. Bess S. Akbarnia BA. Thompson GH. Sponseller PD. Shah SA. El Sebaie H. Boachie-Adjei O. Karlin LI. Canale S. Poe-Kochert C. Skaggs DL. Complications of growing-rod treatment for early-onset scoliosis: analysis of one hundred and forty patients. . J Bone Joint Surge – Am, 92(15):2533-43, 2010 8. Sankar WN. Acevedo DC. Skaggs DL. Comparison of complications among growing spinal implants. Spine. 35(23):2091-6, 2010. 9. Elsebai HB. Yazici M. Thompson GH. Emans JB. Skaggs DL. Crawford AH. Karlin LI. McCarthy RE. Poe-Kochert C. Kostial P. Akbarnia BA. Safety and efficacy of growing rod technique for pediatric congenital spinal deformities. . J Pediatr Orthop. 31(1):1-5, 2011. 10. Sankar, WN.; Skaggs, D L.; Yazici, M; Johnston, C E.; Shah, SA.; Javidan, P; Kadakia, RV.; Day, TF.; Akbarnia, BA. Lengthening of Dual Growing Rods and the Law of Diminishing Returns Spine, 2011 May 1;36(10):806-9. 11. Yang, JS. Sponseller, PD. Thompson GH. Akbarnia BA. Emans JB. Yazici, M. Skaggs, DL. Shah, SA. Salari P. Poe-Kochert C. Growing Spine Study Group. Growing Rod Fractures: Risk Factors and Opportunities for Prevention. Spine.36(20):1639-1644, September 15, 2011. 12. McElroy, MJ. Shaner, AC. Crawford TO. Thompson GH. Kadakia, RV. Akbarnia BA. Skaggs, DL. Emans, JB. Sponseller, PD. Growing Rods for Scoliosis in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Structural Effects, Complications and Hospital Stays. Spine. 36(16):1305-1311, July 15, 2011. 13. Skaggs DL, Akbarnia BA, Flynn JM, Myung KS, Sponseller PD, Vitale MG; Approved by the Chest Wall and Spine Deformity Study Group, the Growing Spine Study Group, Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America and the Scoliosis Research Society Growing Spine Study Committee. A Classification of Growth Friendly Spine Implants. J Pediatr Orthop. 2013 Aug 29. [Epub ahead of print] 14. Joiner ER, Andras LM, Skaggs DL. Mechanisms and risk factors of brachial plexus injury in the treatment of early-onset scoliosis with distraction-based growing implants. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2013 Nov 6;95(21):e1611-7. 15. Lee C, Myung KS, Skaggs DL. Some Connectors in Distraction-based Growing Rods Fail More than Others. Spine Deformity, 1 (2) pp148-156, 2013. 16. Myung KS, Skaggs DL, Thompson GH, Emans JB, Akbarnia BA. Nutritional improvement following growing rod surgery in children with early onset scoliosis, J Childr Orthop: Volume 8, Issue 3 (2014), Page 251-256.
Further Funding:
1. Synthes Spine, Titanium Rib Prosthesis R&D: $24,000/year 2. Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation, Improving the Evidence - A Clinical Trial for Early Onset Scoliosis: $49,809, July 1, 2011-June 30th, 2012, Co-Project Director 3. Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation, OREF Scientific Forum/Spine Care Grant for Growing Spine Study Group: $25,000, July 1, 2011-June 30th, 2012, Co-Investigator 4. Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation, OREF Scientific Forum/Spine Care Grant: $12,500. Standardizing Documentation and Classification of Complications Associated with Growing Spine Instrumentation, July 1, 2011-June 30th, 2012, Co-Investigator
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